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Spring Culottes and Shorts by Sophie

Hi sewing people! I, Sophie, from is back to you with a new product review. First off, I’m sorry if the pictures seem cold with all the snow, But I made this back in early March and spring hadn’t come to us up north yet.
I was lucky enough to be testing this lovely Crepe Fabric from Minerva Crafts. With four meters of this luxurious fabric, I manage to make both the Tania culottes and Flint trousers from Megan Nielsen Patterns. They have been a part of my making plans for so long I can even remember.
The Tania culottes are amazing, and I can’t wait to use them during the summer. I made the version 2 of the pattern in a size L. I could have made it in a size M, since the hip measurements don’t really apply here, but oh well, now I have time to grow if I wanted too. The length of the culottes for version 2 is 60 cm, which is a bit longer than what I usually where, but I think it’s still great.
It has the body and shape as a full circle skirt, but with seams between your legs, you can do whatever you want without accidentally showing off your panties! Even a summer breeze won’t get far. The front and back of the culottes have actually a pleat so that it hides the inseams of the culottes and makes it look more of a skirt. A detail I really like and didn’t think of myself to make this pattern greater. The closure on this pattern is a 25 cm invisible zipper on the left side seam.
What attracted me to the Flint trousers was the tie closure. I don’t like the mid-calf length on any trousers, so it was an easy decision to make the shorts version, in summary, I made version 4 of the pattern. I also made this pattern in a size L, I also needed to add 3 cm for the big butt adjustment.
The closure of this pattern is so unique, I haven’t seen it anywhere else. It is a side closure, and the one pocket is open at the top and closed with one button. The rest is then tied with a tie. So unique!
The fabric is the plain Luxury Crepe Fabric in the colour Claret. It has a medium weight and is about 150 cm wide. As you can see from my culottes and shorts it has a beautiful drape. The fabric would also be suitable to make dresses, skirts, blouses and maybe even a shirt. If the pattern calls for a drapey fabric this is your gal!
At first sight, I thought the fabric was too thin and light for it to be a medium weight fabric. But by a closer look, somehow the producers of the fabric has managed to keep the drapiness of the fabric and at the same time give it body. And it’s not see-through! That what makes it great!
The patterns I’ve chosen for this fabric was a perfect match, in my opinion. What would you make out of this drapey fabric? We would love to see, use #MinervaMakes so that we can see your makes!

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