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Statement Sleeves: Vogue 9299

Hello all, it is Lori from Girls in the Garden and happy to be back with another Minerva project.

Vicki helped me so much with this fabric, I wanted a railroad type stripe shirting and she found me a Beautiful Fabric.  My idea was statement sleeves with embroidery on stripe shirting. This fabric is a great shirting and worked so perfectly for the design I had planned in my head.

The pattern of choice for statement sleeves is Vogue 9299 with a few adjustments. I lengthened view A just a few inches and used the shirt tail hem.

My sleeves were going to be so dramatic, and with that in mind, I didn’t want to have the double ruffle like the pattern. I used the sleeve pattern and sleeve stay as one, this lengthened the sleeve to add the one ruffle.

My first part of this project was to design an embroidery for the sleeves and stitch these out for the two ruffles. I did wind bobbins with embroidery thread to match, this really helps when the inside of the sleeves show. After the sleeves were embroidered, I added Fray Check to the bottom of the scallop.  After letting the Fray Check dry thoroughly, I carefully and I do mean carefully trimmed the fabric at the bottom of the scallop. I have to tell you I let out a big sigh of relief after this step was completed.

I did cut several of the pieces out in a single layer so I could keep the stripes straight, making it easy to press under the front band, just follow the stripe all the way down.I can’t say enough about this stripe fabric, it was so easy to sew and it was a joy to make this blouse. The collar and collar band were so easy to construct with good results, this was due in part to the fabric and the ease in handling this shirting. I did use a new to me method for the collar points, using a thread tail. There are some tutorials out there and I loved the results of a great point.

The back of the shirt has a yoke and back pleat but it is still full, just part of the design.

Now this top is not what I was expecting without a belt, it is full and a-line. I do not like the look of this.

A friend from Instagram told me you need to wear it with the belt from the pattern. I do believe she is so right, I have extra fabric so I might make the belt. I tried it here with a belt and don’t love this look, so not sure I will like the self-belt from the Vogue pattern. 

I do like it with a front tuck and the look is good. This gives some definition to the waist and keeps the fullness of the blouse contained! 

I will wear it most with the front of the blouse tied, that just seems my favorite look of the moment. Whatever way I style it, the fabric is the perfect canvas for the statement sleeves with the dark red embroidery. You can tell in this photo, I love my sleeves and how they turned out.


Lori @ Girls in the Garden

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Joyce Mussett said:

Beautiful professional looking sewing · 26th Jan 2020 10:21am