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Striped Jersey Dress

There is nothing I love to make for my daughter more than dresses. Little girls' dresses are so sweet! This month I chose to make the Maggie Peplum by Love Notions with this narrow stripe yarn dyed Knit Fabric.

This fabric has a good 4 way stretch and is the perfect weight: it's opaque but not heavy, perfect for all of my dress and t-shirt needs. I love that the stripes are yarn dyed and not printed because they are perfectly on grain! This makes cutting out so much more enjoyable. (Trust me - I've cut out my share of off-grain prints.) Did you check out the listing yet? This stripe is offered in 11 colors total. I also love the fuchsia, jeans blue and light aqua! (If you've checked out my blog you'll find that those colors are plentiful in my other projects.)

I chose the elbow length sleeves and lengthened the peplum into a skirt. I also added little flutter sleeves to the tops of the sleeves. This is done by cutting a strip of fabric, gathering it, and then placing it in the top half of the armscye, with the flutter centered over the shoulder seam. Since knits don't fray, I didn't bother to hem it.

After stay stitching the flutter in place, I sewed in the sleeve, catching the flutter in my overlock stitch. To keep the flutter lying flat, I topstitched close to the edge of the seam on the bodice side. This is the first time I've 'winged' a flutter sleeve and I'm pleased with the result!

If you've never given knits a try, may I suggest starting with childrens' clothing. Although I've come to know that no fabric is wasted (There is a valuable lesson to be learned from each failure as it adds to your experience), learning on a smaller piece of fabric can be less intimidating for some people. The other thing I love about it is children don't care if it looks like a practice project. I tend to be picky about what I wear but my daughter couldn't care less if the topstitching veered off to the side or the neckband wasn't completely flat.

When we walked up the hill to take pictures and I pulled out my camera, my daughter immediately took that as her cue to run. Awesome. It was also super windy up there! I decided to go with it. Childhood should be savored and enjoyed in the moment. Wouldn't we all wish for a carefree day of living in the present?

Now I just need to make her a pair of matching shorties for playing in!

Thanks for reading,

Stephanie @ The Petite Sewist

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