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Style Arc Kylie Top by Becca

I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of a Style Arc Sewing Pattern to review for Minerva Crafts.  The pattern in question is the Kylie top, a cute double layered jersey top which instantly appealed to me.

Style Arc are a company whose patterns have appealed to me for some time now.  Style wise, they’re much closer to a lot of high street fashion than a lot of designers, particularly the big 4 pattern companies, and if you’ve seen a style you like on the high street the chances are they’ve got something similar.


I’ve only used two of their patterns before, and that’s because the strange way they sell their pdfs put me off.  When you buy a pdf, they will send you three separate documents; the size you picked, the one above and the one below. 

Now I don’t know about you, but I usually grade between sizes, so this isn’t my favourite way of selling patterns.  The other thing I discovered recently when making my Keely top for Minerva is that the sizes shown on the pattern itself appear to be finished measurements, rather than body measurements.

Anyway, this is not an issue when you get the paper pattern from Minerva.  The pattern arrived in a big clear pouch and it’s all one massive sheet of paper; the instructions, measurements, diagrams etc are printed on one end of the paper and the rest is the (nested) pattern pieces for a range of sizes. 

Because all the non-pattern bits are down one end of the hard copy pattern, I guess you could have cut out the pattern pieces but I decided to stick to tracing.  After my Keely experience, I chose to cut a size 12. (Oh, the other thing with sizes is it only shows you a single size’s dimensions; there’s then just a little note telling you how many cm to add on for each size away from that one).  The pattern was clearly printed and tracing it was not an issue.

The other thing Style Arc are notorious for is brief instructions.  I mean, seriously brief.  Even for this top, where you’ve got two layers of bodice going into a single layer at sleeve and neckband, the instructions would probably fit onto your average postage note.  So, if you’re new to jersey or not particularly confident, I would say be prepared to Google the heck out of it!

One of the things I didn’t like about the instructions was the fact that it didn’t mention whether you were joining right side to wrong side or any combination thereof; it’s simply things like, “join neckband to bodice, encasing neckband between bodice layers”.  Honestly, I sat there and scratched my head for ages on this, had a total mental block and ended up tacking it together by hand to work out what it looked like when you turned it right sides out.

But I do love the finished garment so much! The jersey helps; I chose a medium weight, single knit in deep blue with a silver stripe through and it feels absolutely lovely. Unfortunately this fabric has sold out at Minerva now but there are lots of similar Jersey Fabrics to choose from.

It’s probably slightly on the heavy side for this particular pattern; I think this will look amazing in a Viscose Knit Fabric with loads of drape and I have some burnout jersey where the stripe is gauzy that I am dying to make it up in.  But it still works, it’s comfy and it’s just that bit different, which I really like.

So I think these Printed Style Arc Patterns may well be the way forward for me.  I’m more than happy to spend a little more time thinking and googling in return for the style lines etc on offer and I am absolutely thrilled with this top! Thanks Minerva!

Thanks for reading,

Becca @ Red W Sews

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