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Summer Treasure Jumpsuit

My quest for the perfect jumpsuit is never ending. I have many requirements: a good fit, especially for the curvier figure, something that is comfortable and flattering with pockets and one that looks effortlessly well put together with minimal effort. If it's in a bold and vibrant print as well then even better! With all these in mind, I love having a good jumpsuit as a wardrobe staple, perfect for times when you don't know what to wear (or just cant be bothered to think about it!) as that is your outfit done in one swift movement (let's not discuss the virtually naked-ness when requiring the bathroom though - fashion darlin’!)

I have an enormous love for a good print and think the bolder the design of a fabric the better. Bright colours make me feel good and instantly create an outfit vibe - why should I wear boring clothes?!

So when this Fabric landed on the Minerva website I was gobsmacked! It is everything I could have asked for - bright, bold and very, very beautiful!! Named ‘Timeless Treasures’, it is indeed a treasure of a fabric: an Aztec inspired print in the boldest colours, that stand out brilliantly.  A cotton poplin, it's a medium weight, so will work well for garments that require a lighter structure of fabric, such as dresses, shirts or loose fit trousers (as it doesn't have stretch it wouldn't do well with garments that are more fitted). Depending on what you would make with it, you may have to pattern match if that's your thing, so bear that in mind when decided on how much to get. However, I’m not too fussed when it comes to that and decided this print had to become my summer jumpsuit!

There are quite a few jumpsuit patterns by various designers out there, however one of my favourites is the Tilly and The Buttons Marigold. The trousers are my ideal kind of bottoms - looser fit, with deep front patch pockets great for holding the essentials. It's an elasticated waistband, another plus especially for hourglass figures, drawing the outfit in at the natural waistline to create shape. However my love for the top part of the jumpsuit isn't as great - I find the straps slightly too large width wise for me, and having to insert a zip doesn't always equate for a speedy sew (because sometimes it's nice to be able to whip something up quickly!) It got me thinking… would I be able to hack this pattern and instead add a different top to it, in particular a vest top that I love?!

If you haven't sewn a True Bias Ogden Cami, then you really should. It's the best pattern I have ever encountered. A simple Cami top pattern, its construction is very straightforward (the most difficult part could be turning and correctly inserting the straps) and can be sewn up in a couple of hours. It's also a great stash buster - I can get one made with 1 meter of fabric, so a great make idea for more expensive fabric that you might not have too much of, or any fabric left over from other projects. I adore this top, it's a prominent item in my wardrobe and a garment that I always go to when I want something to ‘throw on’. Fit wise it's great for all shapes and sizes, and the straps are the perfect width for not falling off the shoulders. So - could I add my ultimate vest top to my favourite bottoms and create the best jumpsuit?

The answer is a resounding yes!! I'm so happy with how it worked out, and can see me getting A LOT of wear from this in the summer!

Hacking these two patterns together isn't as complicated as you may think! I made the Ogden Cami near enough same way as usual, however I shortened the front and back pieces by roughly 5cms, to accommodate the trousers and where I would want the top to reach my waist. This would be different for everyone so get measuring!

I then constructed the Marigold Bottoms as you would if making the jumpsuit, and added my Ogden Cami instead of the original top. I did find I had to take in the sides of my Cami ever so slightly to fit to the Marigold bottoms, and decided to take the trousers in by roughly 1.5cm for a slimmer fit, but other than that no other major alterations needed!

The eagle-eyed amongst you may be asking - you haven't mentioned sewing in a zip?? Well that's because I didn't! It was a risk but one that paid off - when it came to trying on the jumpsuit in order to measure the elastic I realised that due to the Ogden Cami’s shape I can easily slide it over my hips comfortably (and I have HIPS so, you know, it works!) I was so ecstatic at that discovery, and that became probably the biggest sewing win I’ve had so far!

The fabric sews like a dream, presses easily and glides through the machine, so a great fabric for beginner sewers to start with, or those that like a fabric that isn't too complicated to work with. One question to ask yourself - what colour top stitching would you go with? I chose to go bold and match the orange, but you could always stick to black and it would still work!

This has now won pride of place in my wardrobe: a great summer staple in a glorious fabric that won't be too heavy in the warmer temperatures, combining my two favourite garment patterns to create my ultimate comfort jumpsuit - and a fairly straightforward sew without the need for adding fastenings! It's a win all round I’m sure you will agree!

Thanks for reading,

Gemma @ginger_doodlesdesigns

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