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Swan Print Knitting Project Bag

Hello my name is Tina and I am known on Youtube for my love of knitting and all things crafty. I was delighted when Minerva crafts sent me some beautiful Cotton Fabric to review. It is a lovely 100% cotton poplin with gorgeous swans swimming on a copen blue background. The fabric is soft and smooth with a medium weight so there are many options to sew. The fabric comes in three other colours. Azure is a lighter, brighter turquoise and then there is Green which is an olive grey and silver.
I decided to make a knitting project bag as I have a huge 400g Hayfield Aran yarn for my next project that I can't wait to start. I need a large bag to keep the yarn safe from my 2 cats. The cheerful swans looked perfect for this fun quick project.
I wanted to make a drawstring bag as I find them so easy to use and with no interfacing they can be very compact when on the move. I first measured the ball of yarn which is 30cm high to decide how large I wanted it. I decided to cut the fabric 50cm by 60cm. Being a cotton poplin it is a very easy fabric to cut. I needed 2 pieces for the outside and 2 pieces for the lining from fabric I already had.
Placing the right sides of the fabric together I machined around 3 sides leaving the top open. For the lining I left a gap on one side to use to pull the bag through to the right side at a later stage.
With the outside the right way and the lining inside out. I placed the outside inside the lining and matched up the side seams and pinned. 
Stitching all the way around the top sewing the inside and outside together. I pulled the fabric through the gap in the lining so both pieces where the right way. After a quick iron I stitched the gap closed. I used the sewing machine but hand stitching using a ladder stitch would make it invisible.
With the lining in place inside the bag I top stitched to hold the 2 layers together. The fabric is very easy to control on the sewing machine and glides through easily.  I chose to stitch inside the bag as the other side is out of the way above the stitching to prevent me sewing it by mistake. 
I then created a channel for the ribbon to be threaded through by stitching two lines around the bag. I back stitched at the side seams to strengthen it as I am going to unpick one for the ribbon later. 
Attaching a safety pin to the ribbon I thread it through the gap I had created by unpicking one of the side seams. I then knotted the ribbon together and cut the ends at an angle. My bag was complete and ready to enjoy.
This simple construction is quick and easy to sew together and really useful for project bags or to use as gift bags. Cotton poplin is perfect as it is easy to sew , feels lovely and comes in such beautiful designs like these swans. It is perfect fabric for a new sewer to use and gain confidence with a sewing machine. 
I love this type of bag for knitting as it can be rolled down like a bowl when in use and holds the yarn while I knit. My cats already have their eyes on it and I'm sure they will try and sleep on it as it is so soft and comfortable. The cotton poplin washes really well so I don't need to worry what they are up to as I can throw it in the washing machine and it will come out as good as new.
Thank you for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it and will make some bags for yourself and your friends.
Best wishes
Tina @ Simply in Stitches

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