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Take One Ditsy Rayon

What a month it’s been! I am so glad to be writing again after a series of unfortunate events. It all started one day after I was running home from a meeting to the dreaded phone call from preschool informing me my child has been sick. I quickly scoff down my lunch as I run to pick her up just to find her happily dancing along in group time! Cue one week later and the poor thing is vomiting and pooing left right and centre and we’re left with a mountain of laundry competing with Mount Everest and desperately disinfecting everything lest the eldest catches it. Five more days of this pass and we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, just to have the eldest run to the toilet and yup… so it repeats. With this finding time to meet deadlines and sew for pleasure has just completely disappeared but I am happy to announce we are once again coming out the other end of this dark tunnel, bedraggled but very much recovering! There is a reason to this gruesome introduction and that is to apologise and explain why my poor munchkin is very much looking like a batty old lady with saggy socks and too long skirt. She lost so much weight her cute little bottom has disappeared and her legs now resemble knobbly twigs and any hopes of holding anything up is currently a challenge. She also insists on wearing her smelly pink boots everywhere which is not helping with the look…

Without further ado, let’s look at this gorgeous Viscose Fabric from Minerva. It is a drapey lightweight viscose, very crease resistant but not too slippery so actually really easy to sew with. It also doesn’t fray too much so a very amiable fabric to work with. I love the ability of viscose to make any structured top just melt into a flattering pool of fabric. I initially wanted to make a dress but changed my mind as I was struggling in a pattern test to make a flattering blouse. I finally decided to brace the ditsy viscose and made a blouse from it. I have to say it is one of my most complimentary pieces to date and I really must introduce more viscose into my life! It’s soft and cool with a bit of give not present in cotton so moving around is much more free. I finished the back in light coconut buttons as a contrast and make it more fun since the dark buttons were just too serious, adding unnecessary age to the print. I really like the outcome! If you would like to make your own you can visit their website to buy the pattern. The skirt I am wearing is also part of this pattern and I love it! I wear it most days. The best thing about it? It can be totally reversible! I used some remnant rust cotton corduroy I found somewhere and lightweight embroidered denim scraps given to me by my sister, so it really doesn’t take too much fabric due to its non-gathered nature. The ruffle bit is actually a petticoat which also comes as part of the pattern. You might recognise the fabric no? It is the beautiful 3D embroidered rose fabric from Minerva. I couldn’t believe how cheap it was so I bought a whole swaddle thinking of Christmas party dresses, but alas that never happened and I am never going to be invited to a ball where I could wear something so spectacular. So… what’s a girl to do? I decided to rock the farmyard steampunk look and attached ruffled lines of it to a yellow plaid cotton. Initially I just cut straight across the roses but they looked odd and I couldn’t wait until they rustically unravelled in an arty way so I cut out individual roses to sew onto the bottom to soften the edges. I love the end result and am super excited that I get to wear this in my everyday life!

So since I originally wanted a dress and ended up just making a top I had quite a lot of fabric left and some remnants of another fabric from another project. I decided it was high time to try out the free Pinecone skirt pattern by Sofiona Designs, a pdf pattern company run by two rather whacky but absolutely wonderful mums! What I love about their brand is that they address the gap we find in PDF patterns for children out of vintage length dresses and ruffles bit not old enough to wear teenage clothes that are a little too sexualised. Their designs are trendy and edgy but still with bundles of fun and femininity, not to mention originality. I just can’t get enough of their designs! The Pinecone skirt is a double layered full circled skirt which features 6 bias bound cut outs. I sewed my cut outs down to the skirt below to create treasure pockets for my curious little one who loves picking flowers and rocks and whatnots, so pockets are definitely a necessity to avoid her shoving her bits of treasures into my already overfull ones!

Initially I was concerned about the lightness of the viscose as the pattern was designed for slightly more structured fabrics like cotton poplin and quilting cotton. I addressed this by sewing pompom braid to the hem of the top viscose layer to add weight and sewed the layer down to the polycotton voile layer beneath. I love the result! Full swishy awesomeness but with the dreamy top layer to soften the whole look. What do you all think about children fashion outside of the vintage look?

Thanks for reading,

Zoe @zoe_craggs

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