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The Adrienne Blouse

I’ve started off the New Year with a sleeve drama!

This is a Sewing Pattern I’ve wanted to make for a very long time; I really enjoy the look of this style from the scoop neckline to the drama in the billowy sleeves.  The top is very different from anything I’ve made before or what I have in my current wardrobe.  I’ve seen many versions of this made in plain fabric, but I knew I wanted to go bold. 

Now, I’m a curvy sewer, and generally, I’m a bit wary of bold colours, busy designs and normally I don’t go for Jersey Knit Fabric;  for one I’ve never worked with it before and two, I always thought a jersey knit would be too clingy. I ordered two metres, but I was still a little worried about sewing this as I wasn’t sure how it would sit on me. Silly me, because the fabric worked beautifully for this make, it behaved all the way and was a joy to play around with; it was a joy to cut, it hemmed well, it didn’t slide in the machine while being sewn and it hardly needed any pressing. I think reading up on the best techniques such as what needle to use; (ballpoint/jersey) for the weave and researching the correct stitch for this fabric; (lightning bolt) helped immensely. The thread colour was also easy to match I went for the base colour of the fabric which is a beautiful rich chocolate brown and paired it with a Gutermann thread in colourwave 696.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though I did have a silly sausage moment, whereby I measured 13cm for the wrist elastic, and I kept looking at it and thinking how is this tiny piece of elastic going to go round all this fabric; the initial sleeve shape is huge.   It turns out I read the instructions wrong; it was meant to be 13 inches.  After reading the instructions again, I rectified the mistake and cut the correct length of elastic; the smaller piece will be put to use in another project. 

So, what prompted me to go for this Floral Jersey Knit fabric?  Well, the pattern asks for a stretch weave, there is a stretch percentage guide included in the pattern; the stretch of the fabric needs to come in at a minimum of 25 per cent and a maximum of 100 per cent.  The composition of this fabric is 97 per cent polyester, and 3 per cent spandex and the stretch comes in well between the required percentage for this top.  The fabric has a beautiful drape and is not too thick or too thin when it stretches over the bust; it doesn’t lose pattern definition or lose colour (the back of the fabric is white) which means it’s ideal for this make.  

The top in the pattern is styled with structured pants, but in order to make this top feel more like me I paired it up with boot cut flare dress trousers and paper bag high waist trouser, but this top could also be dressed down and worn with jeans.  The pattern itself from printing the pdf to putting it on took just over an hour and a half and I'm so chuffed with myself for trying out a Jersey Knit fabric, that I now have another two tops underway.  This top is simple yet elegant, and it’s going to be the most worn of 2019.

Thank you for reading my post.  If you would like to read more of my posts I can be found at Made by Sun Rae on Instagram and on blogger Made by Sun Rae.

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