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The Buchanan Gown by acornkiss

Hi there! My name is Georgia and I’m thrilled to write my first guest post for the Minerva Crafts blog. You can also find me on instagram and on my blog "", where I’m sharing my sewing adventures and the knowledge gained during the process. I also review patterns, sewing books and products.
For my first project here, I chose the Buchanan Gown Sewing Pattern because lately I’m into home wear and especially robes. It’s always nice to sew a garment for all people to see, but making something that you’ll only wear on your personal time while relaxing gives you a whole different kind of joy. I wasn’t a “gown person” until I sew my first robe being curious about the new sewing techniques I could learn. When I finally wore the robe, it won me over, so I had to make another one. Minerva Crafts was kind enough to send me the needed materials (pattern & fabrics) for this new project.
I chose the Buchanan Gown because the beautiful retro style illustration on the cover drew my attention. I could see myself in it, walking around the house or relaxing while enjoying a hot beverage on my couch. It was obvious that for this robe I would need comfortable fabrics, with a nice feel on the skin but also slightly glossy for a touch of luxury. Therefore I chose the red “Pretty Floral Print Polyester Microfibre Dress Fabric” as my main fabric and the red “Polyester Microfibre Dress Fabric” as my contrast one. When I opened the parcel, I realized that the fabrics where even better than expected. The texture was really smooth and the colours looked great together. The pattern has a nicely illustrated booklet with easy to follow step by step instructions which makes the project easier and suitable for sewists with little experience.
What I most loved about the pattern was the kimono style neckband and sleeves... I'm a big kimono fan!
The pattern gives you two pocket versions: in-seam or patch pockets. I chose the patch pocket and placed it on the left side of the gown because I imagined myself holding my cup of tea with the right hand while keeping the left one warm in the pocket. I'd also like to note that the patch pocket pattern is for a no exposed seams pocket but the instructions are easy to follow. Having learned how to do that, I don't think I'll ever make simple patch pockets again!
The hanging loop of the gown is another feature that I truly appreciated. It also gives the cloth a more professional finish and it is practical at the same time.
The pattern refers to ambitious beginners and the truth is that there are only some details that require the full attention of the beginner sewist. In my opinion the most difficult parts are the sewing of the neck band (because you have to ease a straight piece of fabric into a slight curve) and inserting the sleeves (because you also have to ease). But easing is achievable with a little bit of practice. Another thing you should keep in mind with these fabrics, is marking the wrong side on every pattern piece, because both sides look quite the same (but noticeable different when sewn wrong side with right side together) and it's easy to get confused.
Bearing in mind the few things that could go wrong, everything went smoothly during the sewing process. The instructions were very detailed with illustrations and explanatory notes, so I didn't have to scratch my head not even once.
I'm so happy with my Buchanan Gown. Wearing it makes you feel like a Hollywood star, lol! I'll certainly make another one for myself. I'm also thinking that it could be a nice handmade Christmas gift for my friends and my mum.
I hope you people enjoyed my review! Once again a big thanks to Minerva Crafts for supplying these beautiful products. I truly enjoyed the making process and of course the final result.
Until next time,

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Dianne said:

It is beautiful, I like a fluffy robe as I like to be warm but this has made me want to make a slinky one like yours. · 7th Nov 2017 08:22pm