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The Camille Crepe Jumpsuit

The strap line for this post could well be, “A Lady McElroy Camille will make you feel glamourous even on a building site” and it would be the truth! The feel of this garment is just amazing and I can’t wait to wear it somewhere a little more elegant than its current location as I think it is a complete show stopper!

The adverts for both the fabric and the pattern arrived in my inbox at virtually the same time I thought, almost immediately, that the two would be amazing together. When the fabric arrived I got a little star struck and wasn’t sure if I was going to be up to the challenge. This wasn’t made any easier when I started googling working with crepe. Then I did become a little nervous as it sounded like a stressful nightmare. However they obviously weren’t talking about this crepe as it is one of the nicest, best behaved fabrics that I have ever used!

This Lady McElroy Crepe Fabric is described as crepe-suiting but I can see lots of different possibilities for it, anything that requires a drape would be perfect. The Charcoal has lots of character and I think nuances of green. It has a soft mossy feel, heavy to the touch and the drape is just beautiful. I did spray it with starch before I lay out my pattern pieces just in case of slippage, though with hindsight I think this was unnecessary as I didn’t struggle at all with it even after the starch had brushed out.

The Camille Jumpsuit is from the latest Sew Over It E-book , featuring a capsule wardrobe, suitable for work to weekend. There are three versions for the jumpsuit, a work one and a more feminine version for the weekend and a pair of wide legged trousers. I chose the work version but actually think it is a bit too glamourous for my work and was definitely thinking more for parties!

I used exactly the amount of fabric that the pattern suggested, though I did forget to measure the fabric after I had washed it. I have always found the Sew Over It patterns too short in the bodice for me so I guesstimated two inches which seems to be the standard amount I need. I could have added less at the front as that might have combatted the slight gaping which I solved with a stitch. The legs were super long and I took two inches off after I had cut them out and then gave it two inch turn ups which for me is perfect with a low heel. The front of the trouser has pleats with the crepe gives a really flattering look across the tummy and makes my stumpy legs look like they reach my armpits which are both reasons for making other versions of this jumpsuit.

If I was making another jumpsuit though I would turn the waistband and then move a shorter zip to under the arm just for the logistics of getting in and out of it.

Thanks for reading,

Arianwen @ The Adventures of a Silverspider

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