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The Cutest Advent Calendar by Michelle

24 fussy cut stockings from this adorable, cute dog christmas fabric, makes this the prefect item to come out year after year, ready to be filled with a dog biscuit, or even a candy cane for the kids…


- Half a metre of the dog Christmas Print Fabric in blue

Half a metre of the dog Christmas Fabric in grey

- 1 metre of Christmas Noel Hearts Fabric in silver

- 1.5 metres of Iron on Fusible Wadding

Gutermann Metallic Thread in gold, silver and red

- 3 metres of dark green Bias Binding

- 2.5 metres of 1cm wide and 2.5 metres of 2cm wide Silver Metallic Ribbon

Cutting (Fussy Cut Alert!):

Using a stocking template measuring 13 cms at its longest point:

- 24 in grey dog fabric

- 24 in blue dog fabric

Using the same stocking template, but making it ¼” smaller all the way round.

24 in the wadding – 12 in each direction.

Note: The wadding is ¼” smaller than the fabric template.

Haberdashery items:

Iron-away marker pen

- Quilters ruler, rotary cutter/scissors

- Iron

- Templates for stocking

- Basic sewing supplies

Finished size of advent calendar: 52”x 88”

Making the Advent Calendar

Let’s create the stockings… once you have fussy cut them all out, iron-fuse the wadding to 12 of the blue, and 12 of the grey dog fabric.

Take the 1 cm silver ribbon and cut 24 lengths measuring 10 cms each, make a loop and sandwich between a grey and blue stocking (right sides together) – see photo below for ribbon positioning.

Sew around the edge of the wadding, but NOT along the top.

Make small snips on the curves.

Turn right way out, use a chopstick or end of paintbrush to push the curves out. Fold the top of the stocking inside and top stitch – see photo below.

Repeat this process another 23 times – I promise you, they come together quite quickly…

Take your piece of silver christmas noel hearts and cut two pieces measuring 50 cm x 86 cm, and one piece of wadding measuring the same, fuse the wadding to one piece of the silver fabric, and place the other piece facing up ontop of the wadding.

Take the silver glitter ribbon, cut into 4 lengths, measuring 56cms each, fold in half, and using a red and gold thread – zig-zag all the way along, thread 6 stocking along each length of ribbon and pin to each edge of the main piece of fabric (1st point is 10cms from the top, then every 15cms after this).

Sew on your bias binding, making sure you catch the silver glitter ribbon on the edges.

Hand-sew the bias binding on to the reverse of the advent calendar.

Arrange your stockings along the length of the ribbon and sew with a few whip stitches through all layers on the silver ribbon to hold in place. I also added a dot of glue on the toe of the stocking to hold them in place, but this is optional…

Add two small loops using the small silver ribbon at the top left and right corners, to hang up your advent calendar.

Fill each stocking with a dog biscuit, or candy cane for the kids.

Thanks for reading,

Michelle @ creativeblonde

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