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The Joy of a Rumana Coat!

Only gone and made me a #rumanacoat @byhandlondon using this beautiful Wool Coat Fabric supplied by Minerva!

The joy of this is apparent on this picture!

Here are my tips to help you take your sewing skills up a level (honestly, I still can’t believe I did It)

First thing allow yourself time and take each step-in stage. 40 hours in total went into physically making, a lot more in ideas and problem solving in my 4am wake up problem solving in my mind time. Anyone else do this?

The By Hand London Sewalong helped me enormously.

I use netprinter to print the A0 patterns then I cut them to size this was one of the biggest jobs 5 hours to cut out the pattern and material.

I marked the pattern pieces out with tailored chalk, using a rotary cutter for the first time to cut out the pattern pieces. I found it easier than scissors. The first time also for following the cutting plan suggested although I did make an error cutting out the lining. I had shared the picture on IG stories and luckily an eagle eyed sewist messaged me to tell me and I had enough lining fabric to re cut. Phew! So, this next picture is how NOT to do it! The right side of the fabric should be facing downwards.

The sewing process was very straight forward I have just opened a sewing studio above my hair salon in Middlesbrough We have six sewing machines so I had three set up for sewing main coat, top stitching and sewing the lining. I worked it around my clients, so I had very productive days. Also, I could leave my mess!  My dream to combine both my creative passions.

I was particularly concerned was the back vent but again the sew-along illustrated this perfectly and I had no problems.

Collar was so much easier than I thought too!

The finishing line when the outer meets the inner shell it was like magic before my eyes. Elisalex explains the sleeves joining perfectly; 

“This part is quite tricky to explain, but actually very straightforward when you've done it once. With everything still inside out, you want to take one main fabric sleeve, and its corresponding lining fabric sleeve, and bring them together so they meet at the cuffs - it kind of looks like they're hugging the side of the coat...” 

(Taken from the sew-along). I loved this description.

Trying on for the first time was a super proud moment but for me who has a massive fear of button holes I was prograstinating attempting them. Once I had decided on the buttons I realised they were to big fo the automatic button hole maker so I had to mannually sew them and I felt much better being in control and yay they worked.

The sewing process was very therapeutic. The hand sewing at the final steps was totally enjoyable to me. I learned so many new techniques during this process I feel this has made me gain extra confidence to try tailoring again.

Thank you again Minerva for giving me this opportunity.

My next blog on the Dressmakers Ball … to excited to get started with this one!

Jen @jenlegg4

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