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The Juniper Dress and a Birch Button Up!

I am a sucker for plaids and stripes in garments and loved this Cotton Lawn Fabric when I saw it on Minerva’s site.

Side note….why do I always, ALWAYS reach for plaids and stripes? Pattern matching….eek.

When I received it, it was even lighterweight than I had imagined it would be. It is almost sheer….and reminds me of my absolute favorite pair of pajama pants that I wore until they completely fell apart. I decided to spread the love and make my oldest and youngest something from it.

As far as pattern matching and cutting, it was actually a bit easier I thought as you could see the pattern through when folding or matching up to sew on the machine. That doesn’t mean you should look too closely and check my work, just that in theory it was easier to match than some fabrics. Also, there is no right or wrong side from what I could tell so forgiving in that respect as well.

It is really lovely feeling fabric, would be perfect for warm climates as it is 100% cotton. Also will not add bulk so good for things with ruffles or gathers...yet I chose to do classic looks for these two, and like that I can layer or not depending on where we are (Florida trip soon?)

For the baby, I chose the Juniper dress from Sew a Little Seam. There’s so many options with the pattern (maybe even too many, dare I say) but I settled on a classic shirt dress with full placket, pintucks, and elastic gathered long sleeves. Why I chose to do pintucks on a checked print and stress myself out with that is a whole other problem, but I love how it turned out. I used ring snaps instead of buttons, but with interfacing, the button holes would be a breeze on this lawn. In fact, I worried my machine might eat it a little since it is quite delicate, but had zero issues sewing with it. I used lightweight woven interfacing when called for with the pattern.

For my oldest, I made a Birch Button Up, also from Sew a Little Seam. I wanted somewhat of a classic shirt, but added a little edge with attached hood in jegging and the roll up sleeves. I used pearl snaps for his because almost ten year old boys just don’t have time for buttons.

I pre-washed before sewing since I was worried it might pill or shrink but it came out looking exactly as it went in, with no special care whatsoever. Perfect for children, right? The sheer feel makes it lovely for layering but I think it will be great for these two that tend to run around a lot on the playground. Taking pictures of the pint sized one is a workout on it’s own!

The colors are not overly bright, more subtle than I thought they would be. There’s shades of orange, turquoise, black and dark purple. Suitable for a variety of wearers.

I think….hope….I have just enough scrap to piece together a recreation of my favorite pajama pants. It goes a long way thanks to being 58 inches wide. Perhaps I might be dreaming though, might have to grab the other colorways after all. Pajama parties are to come.

Thanks for reading! Happy sewing!

Amanda @derivingmommyhood

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