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The Papercut Patterns Yoyo Dress by Lauren

Hi, Lauren here, let’s get the introductions over and done with… Short story: I like sewing and making things and I write about said things over on my blog,

Did you know Minerva Crafts do Indie Sewing Patterns? This is probably news to no one but me, but yes, they do indeed do indie patterns, including Papercut Patterns. This kind of made my day when I found out, which may sound sad to most people, but I’m guessing that if you’re reading this post on Minerva Crafts’ blog, you will probably understand what I mean. 

There are a few Papercut Patterns that have been on my list a while, but as I am in desperate need of summery-type dresses and due to the fact that prior to writing this I had a big holiday coming up,  (my honeymoon actually) I decided to try out the Yoyo Dress Pattern

There have been a lot of Yoyo dresses milling around the blog/Instagram world, some of them on the smarter side, some of them more casual. I wanted to make one that would look fairly dressed-up when worn on holiday with heels and stuff, but could also look more casual with a shirt under at work. I also wanted it to be fairly lightweight, as I’d be wearing it in Florida which turned out to be pretty warm at this time of year (who knew?) - that’s why I ended up picking the fabric I did.

The Fabric

After studying the denim/chambray section of the Minerva Crafts website for quite a long time (there’s a lot to chose from!) I decided on this pastel Cotton Chambray Fabric and to really venture out of my comfort zone, (NOT) I went for the pastel pink option - as if I don’t have enough of that colour already. I didn’t really know how thick or heavy it would be, as I didn’t order a swatch, so I was a little worried when it arrived…


…It looked rather sheer, and as the pattern isn’t lined I was worried I’d end up showing a little more than I really wanted to. However, I was worried unjustly, as it covers my decency and doesn’t expose anything I’d rather stayed hidden, which is definitely something you want in a garment right?

I was expecting it to look a little more denim-y for some reason, but it has more of a cotton look and feel, which made it really nice to sew with, and made construction a hell of a lot easier. It does crease though, which would be fine if I wasn’t so crap at ironing. (You can probably tell from my pictures that the ironing part of the construction process was a bit of a hash job.) 

The Construction

This is the first Papercut Patterns pattern I’ve made, so I didn’t know what to expect. First impressions - the pattern and envelope packet is so cute! I loved the recycled paper and the illustrations are lovely; also, the envelope is bigger than the norm, which makes it a load easier to fold it back up after you’ve finished. 

The pattern was pretty easy to fit together, everything in the instructions was fairly self explanatory. I was most nervous about inserting the open ended zip down the front of the dress, as:


I haven’t inserted an open ended zip before

I knew if it wasn’t even both sides, it would throw the whole garment out of whack 

I thought the zip itself might be too heavy and pull the front of the dress down


It turned out that the zip was one of the simplest parts of the garment. I made sure I hand-tacked it in place after pinning so it was less likely to move about, and measured from the bottom of the bodice up on both sides. 


The facings went together really well too, except while I was finishing the edges of the underarm facing with my new overlocker, I had a little accident…. I ended up chopping a chunk out of it and had to do some damage control, which left me with a funny-looking right underarm. Ah well, at least no one can see the issue there.

Two features I loved about this pattern is inverted diagonal at the bottom of the hem where the zip ends, and the V at the back of the neck. These kind of details make it look a bit more contemporary. 

The Fit

I cut a size small, as it corresponded closest with my measurements. This felt great as I rarely find myself cutting out a small - nice little confidence booster there! However, this didn’t go exactly as expected. 

It sewed up a lot bigger than expected which threw off some of the measurements on the dress for me. The dress fit well at the waist, but the shoulders sure didn’t fit. I took some of the fabric out at the shoulder seam, but they’re still a little big for me, as is the hip area. 

I haven’t yet taken the side seams of the skirt in, as I thought I’d wear it a couple of times first and see how it feels. It’s really comfy, while still holding me in in the right places, so I think I might just keep it how it is for now. 


Overall I think this is a dress I’m going to get a lot of use out of. I like it on it’s own, but I can also imagine wearing it with a shirt or a stripy top, with tights and boots in the winter. If I were to make it again though, the shoulders are definitely something I’d look at - as it’s the only thing that slightly gets on my nerves when I have the dress on. Besides that tiny aspect, I’m really happy with it, and see a dressier version in black. 


If you fancy checking out some of the other things I’ve made - mainly in pale pink - head to

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