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The Seamwork Tacara Dress

I had a bit of a disaster at the start of the year.  I scorched an iron shaped mark into the front of one of my very favourite hand made dresses.  A black, jersey Tilly and the Buttons Coco.  I was furious with myself, this dress was the one I reached for if I needed to look dressed up without trying too hard.  It was warm, comfortable and just always looked good .....until it had the image of a Russell Hobbs emblazoned across the chest!  I decided to employ the "every cloud has a silver lining" approach to the situation and began my search for a replacement.  Just a couple of days later I got the opportunity to review this black, Wool Blend Jersey Fabric and I knew this was the perfect fabric to put things right. It's so difficult to photograph black but trust me, this fabric is luscious, it is 20% wool, which gives it a wonderful warmth and texture, it drapes beautifully and it is a glorious black, rich and deep. I wanted to be able to machine wash this dress, so I experimented with a cool 30 degree wash and a small tester sample, it came out fine, no shrinkage.
Now all I needed was a pattern.  I have made the Coco pattern a lot and I love it but I wanted something new.  The Seamwork Tacara dress caught my attention when it first came out, it has a wonderful cocoon silhouette, with closely fitted sleeves and pockets, of course!  Pattern and fabric choices made, it was time to construct my replacement little black dress.  The Tacara is quite a quick and simple dress to make.  Because of the stretch in this fabric I stabilised the shoulder seams with clear elastic, this just helps to keep the shape of the finished garment.  I followed the pattern instructions but next time I think I would insert the pockets differently.  The pattern calls for the front and back pocket bags to be stitched together before the side seams, I found this quite fiddly.  My natural way to do it would have been to include the pocket bag in the side seams, I have used this method with the Moneta dress and had no problems with it.Other than that, the dress came together very quickly, no more than 3 hours. The fabric behaved impeccably, it didn't stretch out or distort at all.
Now, I know I won't be alone here, that moment where you come to try on the finished garment, you are just too excited to take off all of your clothes, so dresses go on over jeans, shirts over t-shirts ..... is it just me??  I pulled my Tacara on over my jeans and looked great!  I had wanted something to dress up quickly but it turns out the Tacara dresses down equally well.  My husband said he thought I looked elegant when wearing it with tights and a scarf, and 'cool and studious' when I wear it with jeans! He may be slightly biased but I am going to take that as a win! This is a really versatile pattern, I already have plans for more.
This is the perfect replacement for the poor Coco, I adore the simple lines and the shape that this dress creates. The wool content makes it warm and luxurious to wear, it feels like a really expensive dress.  I made a little velvet jersey infinity scarf to go with it from some scraps I had lying around in my sewing room.  As for the Coco, it is going to be re-purposed into the backing for some cushions I am making for my son, so all's well that ends well.  
Thanks so much Minerva for the opportunity to review this fabric.
Until next time, Nicola x

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