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The Simple Yet Effective Freya Dress

Hiya! The Welsh one here,

This time... yes you guessed it.. I opted for florals haha! There is just something about florals that get me really excited. Its the mix of colours and the beauty of the flowers that make a garment look extra fun, for me anyway. 

I opted for this Ponte Roma Fabric this time as I had heard good things about this type of fabric. I can tell you it totally lived up to the expectations and was an absolute dream to work with. It's thick, sturdy with some stretch, a nice weight and really holds its shape. The floral pattern really took me back to a time that reminded me of my nan. She had something similar that she used to wear a lot of the time when I was younger and I'm sure that's the reason I was drawn to it.

I always cut my fabric using my rotary cutter and mat, I find this gives a cleaner cut. Plus it's a lot quicker than using a scissors. I like to use my pattern weights to keep the fabric still and prevent any movement while cutting. These, I whipped up one afternoon making use of my scrap fabric and filling with rice. I should really make more as they are super handy.

I decided to go with the Tilly and the Buttons Freya dress. I knew the fabric would hold it's shape, plus it's an awesome pattern to show off big prints. I opted for the mock neckband and ¾ sleeves to make it a nice warm dress to pair with some tights and boots. Simple yet effective.

When it came to the actual sewing, it was done and finished in no time at all. It really is a quick and easy sew, which is what I love! Especially when I get too excited and just want to wear what's on the machine like yesterday! The instructions are clear, well written and really easy to follow.

I like to mostly use my wonder clips – these are fabulous little clips that you use to simply pinch and clip your fabric pieces together. I find using these take less time than using pins, plus I am not at a risk of stabbing myself! I do still use pins now and again, but only on the smaller pieces where clips can be a little bulky.

To sew the mock neckband on, I used the 4 corner method. To do this, I folded it in half one way, marked it with 2 clips, then folded it in half the other way and marked with 2 more clips. I then attached it to the opening of the neck using the same method. I added more clips all the way around the neck opening to secure and stitched. I like to put the neckband in with the seam in the centre of the back of the dress, It makes it a lot easier for me to tell which way is which. After sewing in my neckband, I finished the seam using my overlocker. I absolutely love finishing my seams this way because my machine is threaded with rainbow thread. I think it makes the finish really colourful. Knowing this is on the inside, makes me smile!

Hemming the sleeves were a little bit trickier due to the fabric only having a little stretch. I used pins to secure the fabric instead of clips this time, this helped the fabric glide over the free arm easily. To finish off the bottom of the dress, I turned it up once, measuring all the way around to ensure it was all even, before sewing to secure in place. I only turned the hem up once as this fabric is not likely to fray. I really loved working with this fabric and am sure this dress will get lots of wear.

Until next time....

Tee @made_by_tee

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A crafter said:

Your dress is lovely and fits you well. The fabric is Devine....I have just placed my order. You said that the fabric had little stretch. What is your normal size with this pattern brand and what size did you go up to so that the fabric would fit your contours ..being with little stretch? · 13th Apr 2019 10:00am