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There's Just Something About Velour!

Hi Minerva Makers!
Have you ever been hugged by a fluffy cloud? Or jumped into a pool of super soft cotton balls? Yeah, me neither! But this Ice Crush Velour Knit Fabric, I can snuggle in all day! As soon I opened my package, I knew exactly what I wanted to make; something that would float in the breeze and glisten in my tropical sunlight, a duster cardigan!
I already had the perfect pattern: Helen’s Closet Blackwood Cardigan; it just needed some minor tweaks. I omitted the bottom band and cuffs for a less structured look. I lengthened the cardigan to knee length which was an addition of about 7.5 inches for me. This is only my second time making this pattern and I just cannot get over how easy it is to whip up, especially with my hacks. I can see myself sewing this up time and time again. If you are a beginner, this is a great one for you to try! 
Now those of you who know I live in Barbados are probably wondering how I can get away with a velour duster cardigan in this warm climate. This fabric is super soft and very drapey. It almost feels like a thin light fur. I would mostly wear it at night since lately it’s a bit chilly here after dark. Chilly for us is 24 degrees (I bet you’re all chuckling), but this is quite unusual and I was so not prepared!
I knew I wanted to style it with jeans and I considered a basic black cami but I had some leftover fabric and decided I wanted to be extra this one time. I’ve been eyeing ‘insta baddies’ rocking those matching duster sets and thought why not give it a try? It’s a new year, YOLO! Do people even still say that?
Anyway, I opted for a True Bias Ogden cami since I didn’t have much leftover fabric and this is my go to pattern for scraps. I couldn’t have made a better choice. It’s the most comfy cami in my wardrobe and I may even sleep in this thing! Imagine if I had one extra metre of this fabric to make a pair of shorts and turn this into a full lounge set! For a Netflix and Chill date night, I can totally see it! I may just have to order more of this fabric!
Did I mention that this Ice Crush Velour Knit fabric is super affordable at just £6.99 per metre and comes in a whopping 32 colours? Mine is in the colour grape which is a very unique shade I’ve never seen before; it’s like a mix of purple, mauve and rose pink. Some of my other favourites are Camel, Deep Purple, Midnight Blue and Stone Grey.
There’s just something about velour that makes me feel like I should be having dinner on a luxurious yacht. Snapping back to reality now, I would wear my cardi to the mall, to the movies, to dinner (regular old dinner, not the luxurious yacht type). When I showed hubby my completed project, he exclaimed that it looks like something I would usually wear or pick up in a store. He said it’s exactly my normal taste. I’d say that means mission accomplished!

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A crafter said:

I am new to sewing and that looks absolutely fab. So inspiring thankyou. I'm from Scotland and even in summer we rarely get 24 degrees lol. Your right about the great price too. This is officially my new project ? · 10th Feb 2019 01:22pm

Karenr15 said:

Fabulous · 9th Feb 2019 03:06pm