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Tilly and the Buttons Megan Dress

Hiya! I’m back, with yup, you’ve guessed it…… florals! I just cannot resist a floral fabric, they are always super pretty and super fun. I thought this fabric would make a lovely Tilly and the Buttons Megan dress, so I went with that.

Once washed and dried, this Cotton Fabric was an absolute dream to work with. It stayed where it was supposed to and had hardly any need for many pins and clips. It cut really well and I had no fraying which is fab! 

The colours are really bright, even though it’s a dark based fabric, the flowers really do pop. I absolutely love rainbow thread, so it was a must that I finished all of my seams on the over locker – I can say my dress is bright and colourful on the inside – just like me! 

The pattern does not call for the bodice to be lined, it is made with a neck facing. Sometimes with a thinner fabric, I do worry about it being too thin for an unlined bodice but this fabric really fit the bill and was just perfect. The fabric behaved so well when marking and sewing in the darts. I do find sometimes a fabric can slip a bit when sewing darts – this did not.

Again when lining up the skirt with the bodice and matching darts and tucks, the fabric did not move which made it even easier to line up for an accurate sew. I attached the skirt to the bodice using the over locker, I just went straight in with that instead of basting with the sewing machine first… I know..what a rebel! I had faith that it would glide through perfectly and not cause me problems, which it did. It makes me so happy knowing a fabric is going to behave, that means the whole process is going to be a breeze and the awesome feeling of achievement when done is going to be heightened even more, which spurs me on to get a project finished sooner rather than later!

Tilly and The Buttons Megan has gathered sleeves that have a little bit of puff to them to give them that dramatic effect. The sleeves are probably my favourite part of the dress. 

Even though the fabric was nice and soft, it still had a stiffness to it, which made my sleeves really stand up and ensured the dress also held its shape.

Inserting a zipper in a dress normally gets me a bit nervous…… I keep thinking I will mess it up, my machine will eat it etc. - all the normal worries. I can honestly say with this dress, at the point of inserting the zipper, I was a tad excited and knew it would be a one-time thing, no unpicking and the re- stitching that would normally occur. I’m sure I squealed when it went in and did all the way up. I finished off the bottom of the dress, stood back and admired my work. For once, it all went smoothly.

I will definitely be making some more!

Until next time…



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Sewanew said:

Good choice of pattern and fabric, looks great o. · 21st May 2019 12:07am