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Twinning Fish Dresses


Hi again guys! Today I’m blogging about a Rico Cotton Gauze Fabric navy blue. Since last summer I’ve wanted to make a Jessica dress, a sundress pattern from Mimi G. I had a fabric planned for my Jessica, but when I got a chance to review this cotton gauze I changed my mind. I had a talk with Vicki from Minerva about the amount of fabric to order, since some cotton gauzes can be very see-through and some not. We decided that I should order a bit more so I could make the dress in double layers.

But when the fabric arrived I was surprised to find that it already was double layered! A second layer of gauze is sewn to the back of the main fabric and it isn’t see-through at all. See picture below.

So, since I now had a lot of extra fabric on my hand, I decided to twin with my daughter and make her a sun dress too. I chose the Bree Dress pattern from Bebekins patterns. I fell for the back which has a really nice feature that I’ve never tried before.

I washed and dried the fabric and I think it shrunk about 2%. I didn’t iron it, it doesn’t crease so heavily and I´m fine with the light creasing cotton gauze has.

If you look at the fabric, do you see a directional or an un-directional print? I didn’t even think about it, I just laid my fabric out and started to put out my patterns pieces for the two dresses. It wasn’t until I held one of the bodice pieces upside down, that I saw that the fishes look a little bit better on one side. Of course it was the side that I DIDN’T choose. I hadn’t cut the Bree dress yet, so I changed direction on that dress, see if you can spot the very small difference between them.

Cutting and sewing cotton gauze is so effortless, especially after more difficult fabrics like viscose. I made this dress in a flash, hardly pinned the fabric together, it stayed where you put it :). I do change the needle to a thinner one when I work with cotton gauze. My machine doesn’t like the regular needle when I work with these types of material.  

I wanted my bodice a bit more stable so I did the top in double layers, but  the skirt in a single layer.

I like both the patterns but I had a little trouble with the instructions of the Jessica dress; they weren’t all that informative at times. The instructions for the Bree dress were, on the other hand, almost too informative. I got lost in all the text.

Cotton gauzes give you garments that look less crisp than cottons lawns. I wanted that effortless holiday-inspired look for our dresses, but if you prefer a more ironed, flat and crisp look, you should look for a more tightly woven fabric.

This was my most enjoyable sewing all year! Easy, effortless sewing and we got two super soft and chic sundresses. We have already worn our dresses a lot and took them with us on vacation. Since it doesn’t crease much it’s something I can highly recommend. We both love fish dresses and the only person that knows that one is upside down is me. (And now also my sewing friends :)). And finally, if you want to order this fabric, don’t worry about doubling the order since the fabric is already doubled.

Thanks for reading. Come and say hello over at my Instagram account, Bygousheh. Hope to see you soon.


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Christine Langley said:

Lovely dress. Really like this fabric. :) · 26th Apr 2020 10:51am