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Twinning Misusu DIA Sweaters

Do you have other crafty hobbies besides sewing? Mine is knitting, especially knitting cozy sweaters. But truth be told, as much as I love the slow meditative nature of knitting, sewing is simply so much faster when the creative vision strikes! In recent years, there has been some really awesome indie sweater patterns launched, making sewing your own sweater so fun and rewarding. 
Always on the look out for a new innovative sweater design, I was awe-struck when I first saw the Misusu DIA Sweater. You probably have seen the multitudes of awesome iterations of this sweater out there somewhere. The clean geometric lines in the front panel form a perfect diamond shape, which offers endless colour-blocking possibilities. If that's not your cup of tea, the DIA pattern offers a plain front panel option, which accentuates the forward-slanting side seams with a slimming effect. It comes in regular/tunic length AND straight/versus on-trend hi-low hems. On top of all these versatile options and design potentials, DIA is also twinning friendly with the kids version running up to size 14-years. My creative brain immediately went overdrive and couldn't rest until I had a set of twinning DIAs sewn up. 
Luckily, Minerva added many new sweater knits to their product offering and I had the opportunity to review some. My local fabric stores do not carry much heavier knits and I was delighted to see the new-to-me varieties available at Minerva. It was my kind of candy store - all those colours and textures you can imagine!
After much fun browsing, I selected two unique knits that complimented each other. The first one is a cotton blend "melange" Fleece Backed Sweater Knit. I chose the "Burnt Orange" colourway which is the most beautiful warm rust colour. The reverse side of this sweater knit is fleece in a contrasting colour, a hint of which blends into the front side, thus the "melange". For the "Burnt Orange" colourway, the fleece back is a dark purple/navy colour, which gives the rust colour of the front side a cool intriguing depth. With so many words to describe the colours, I'm really leaving the best part till last - this fabric is buttery soft and light as a cloud. The type that you can't take your hands off and want to bury your nose into...
The second one I chose was a Quilted Cotton Jersey Knit in a soft and pretty dusty pink called "Old Rose". This is yet another new-to-me knit fabric which I immediately fell in love with. Both sides of this fabric are cotton jersey, with a very thin layer of wadding quilted in between so essentially there are 3 layers all together. It is on the heavier side and is more stable / has less stretch than your average sweatshirting fabrics. I love the quilted texture and how it adds depth to the solid colour. 
With these two beauties in hand and a very creative 6 year old giving her design proposals, I had way too much fun planning the twinning DIAs. We actually printed out the line drawings of the pattern as colouring pages to visualize different colour-blocking possibilities. Did we want simple chic? Modern asymmetry? Perfectly balanced diamond? For a while the only design decision we could agree on was the hi-low hem =)
In the end I simply couldn't resist my girl's wish to turn the diamond into a darling fox, especially given that we have the perfect auburn coloured fabric. And I couldn't have been more proud of the end result! The diamond shape is perfect for a cute fox face and the top seam of the diamond was a perfect place to add two pointy ears. For my matching version, I went for the simple understated elegance of the plain diamond, all in the glorious rust colour. I can't wait for fall weather to come here so I can live in this auburn buttery cloud of a sweater.
Both sweater knits washed up beautifully through regular machine wash cycles and were surprisingly easy to work with. I tried both fabrics with universal needle and regular machine foot and never looked back. The fleece back sweater knit especially glided through the machine so smoothly that it's almost a sensory treat! I'm already imagining other DIA sweaters in various melange shades!
If I wasn't already awe-struck by the genius design of DIA, I would be floored by the thorough instructions and teaching moments within the pattern! Elles Lanfer behind Misusu patterns is a true master of geometry, who makes a seemingly complicated construction a joy to work with. Each single pattern piece is precisely drafted and my diamonds came together beautifully on the first try. If you have never tried pieced designs before, run to Misusu for one of these masterpieces!
The only mods I made was shortening my DIA by 2 inches to suit my 158cm / 5'2" height. Don't be intimidated by the idea of adjusting pattern pieces with asymmetrical seam lines though - Elles provides such great instructions for lengthening/shortening each piece that it was actually a lot of fun to follow through. I learned so much from the exercise, feeling like I attended an actual sewing lesson. 
When you love a pattern and fabric combo so much as we love our twining DIAs, there's really only one way to go - make more of them! Back to the drawing board for the next versions - no time for knitting ;-)
Until next time,
Chloe @no.idle.hands

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