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Vegas Sequin Dress

Hello Minerva community! I’m so excited to be back for another make and I’m so excited to share my black sequin party dress – the perfect dress for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas, NV and for this year’s New Year’s Eve parties! 
Fun fact – I haven’t been to Vegas yet as an adult! I previously visited family living in Vegas as a teenager but didn’t see much of the city or Las Vegas strip for obvious reasons. I’m excited to visit the city with my husband and family to enjoy the entertainment and food. It will be my husband’s first trip to Vegas, so I am excited for him to see what it is like!
On to the making of my dress: when I first saw this sequin fabric, I knew I had to make a fun cocktail length dress with it! I browsed through patterns and eventually landed on the McCall’s M7653 dress. This is a really great pattern – I love the beautiful draped front and it ended up being a really easy pattern to follow. All you need to do is sew the side seams, sew down the armholes and back, and hem!
The alterations I made to the pattern were that I brought them hem up about 5 inches (I love being short!) and I made the hip and thigh area wider. Altering the pattern was easy and I was able to accomplish my adjustments via tissue fitting. I am a huge fan of the Palmer-Pletsch tissue fitting method because it doesn’t require a muslin, so it saves some extra steps in the process!
Although the pattern was simple, I would say that the most challenging thing about this project was working with the sequins! It was my first time working with sequins and I had to watch several YouTube videos to learn how to work around them without ruining my fabric or my machine. I got a good idea of the process pretty quickly, so I got to work by removing all of the sequins from my seams. I saved as many sequins as I could because I knew that I would need plenty to hand sew them back to fill in the gaps and cover up the seams. Once I removed all the sequins from the seams, I took the dress to my machine. I decided to hand sew the hem up to avoid sewing over sequins.
Once all my seams were finished, I sat down, turned on some Netflix, and sewed individual sequins back to the seams one-by-one until all the missing sequins were filled in and my side seams were completely covered! As you see in the photo below, the side of my dress has no missing sequins!
Overall, this was a super fun project and I’m really thrilled with how my dress turned out. I would definitely make this dress again and can see it being made with a variety of other sequin and dress fabrics that Minerva has to offer! I can’t wait to see the party dresses you make for the holidays!
Happy Sewing,
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