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Vogue 2902

Hello lovely readers!

I am Steffie and very happy to be part of the Minerva Maker team! It’s such a diverse group of people and I feel lucky to be one of them.

A tiny intro about me:

My name is Stephanie (but call me Steffie), married to a wonderful husband who likes to take my pictures and wears matching outfits with me. We have 2 sphynx cats (naked cats) who are my life. I love food and cooking food. I also love sewing, tattoo’s, going to the movies and buying lots of pretty fabrics! I mostly wear clothing that have a vintage flair but are still modern.

I live in the Netherlands, so please forgive me any stupid English grammar mistakes!

You can follow the rest of my craziness @steffie_sews

When I got the mail from Minerva, I had just had carpal tunnel surgery and wanted to wait until later when I was back at 100% again.


I can never resist a lemon print! There is just something with lemons I go crazy for. I even got a lemon tattoo on my leg.

When you start wearing pin-up or vintage, a lot of the modern vintage stores have cherry prints. A lot of cherry prints. It’s cute for some, but I never really liked it, although you can find one cherry print dress in my closet. But lemons were the thing for me. So I just knew when I saw that Fabric, this would be my first project for Minerva.

The small issue was that the fabric was white, and white fabric scares me. I needed some more color, to balance out the white. after looking for a pattern that had something contrasting in a different color, I found Vogue 2902. It was a perfect match.

It’s a gorgeous reprint of an original 1952 pattern, and it had the contrasting band I was looking for. It’s a summer dress with straps, perfect for the cotton lemon fabric. Minerva was so kind to give me a yard of cotton poplin in chartreuse green that really matches the green in the lemon fabric.

I was so excited to make this. Ready to cut my pattern and sew this dress. And then I realized that my pattern was the wrong size! So I had to order a new pattern and wait another week before the sewing could start.

Good things come to those who wait right?

And this dress is great!

The bodice is lined with White Cotton Poplin, and I handstitched it to the waist. The pattern is fully lined, but I didn’t make the skirt lining. I don’t think it’s needed, but if you have a more see-through fabric, you may want to line the skirt.

The full skirt falls just right. You can wear a huge petticoat under it if you want to. But petticoats aren’t really my thing, so I never wear them.

Because of the direction of the lemon print, I had cut the skirt pattern pieces in halve, so my circle skirt now has 6 panels. That way, the print goes up on every skirt piece. If you don’t have a print in one direction, this is not necessary.

And of course I added pockets. No dress can be without pockets!

The construction of the bodice is a bit weird, because you finish the bodice and then hand stitch the contrast band onto the bodice. I hand stitched it too, my fabric is light enough. If you have a heavy fabric and a fully lined skirt, I am not sure if only hand stitching is strong enough.

The pattern has a side zipper but I am not a fan of those. So I switched the zipper to the back. It wasn’t a difficult task, add your seam allowance to the center back seam on the bodice, contrast band pattern pieces, and skirt back. Don’t cut these on the fold!

The green really pops out against the white fabric and gives a great contrast. The matching green belt also makes your waist look cinched.

I used the same green cotton for the belt and the contrast band. I interfaced the fabric, and used a belt buckle kit to cover the buckle. It’s a bit of a tricky process, because you want the fabric smooth around the edges. But with a little patience even I could make it work.

I really love my new lemon dress! And it matches my lemon tattoo. And my lemon earrings and lemon pin. So I can wear this all while drinking a lemonade and eating key lime pie, and cover my table with a lemon tablecloth.

Can there ever be too much lemon? I don’t think so!




3 yards of lemon print cotton (digital print cotton fabric yellow). 1 yard white cotton poplin. 1 yard chartreuse cotton poplin.

Any alterations? 

Changed the zipper from the side to the back. Cut the skirt pattern in panels. POCKETS


the shoulder straps and contrast band


the shoulder straps and contrast band! So much hand stitching!

Make again?

Yes, but maybe with a slightly less fuller skirt.

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