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Warm and cozy quilt for Christmas

For several years I have two or three quilts on my couch to use whenever needed. Boys play and build castles, I snuggle when I have cold feet while watching tv and I cover my couch with quilts when we have guests. All these quilts are made by me and I love seeing these being used and loved. So there can be no mystery why I wanted a Christmas themed quilt to have in hand in December.

When I chose these beautiful fabrics from Minerva I knew I wanted to use white fabric remnants I had in my stash. I think the white brings out all the red and green colors and the patterns and sort of calms the overall feeling. Like the snow when it covers up everything in winter but the beautiful fir and pine trees still bring in some green color.

Once I got my fabric choices done I searched for the pattern. I don't like ready made patterns with exact measurements for quilts - I do my own math and get the quilt as large as I want. I decided to have the quilt approximately 2 m long and 1.4 meters wide. You know quilts shrink when you quilt them - the more you quilt the more it shrinks. I think I spent hours in Pinterest because there are so many beautiful quilts!

I decided to use chandelier quilt for my inspiration. It's something I hadn't done and it gave me a challenge. Usually all the patchwork blocks are sewn together in rows horizontally or vertically but this quilt has all the rows sewn together diagonally. You start from the corner with one or two blocks, then the next row has three or four blocks and so it grows until you get to the other corner. You also need to sew triagles to each end, otherwise the quilt doesn't have a straight edge.

There are two different ways to make this quilt, one with three different kind of blocks and one with just one bigger block. I chose the latter and started to cut into my fabrics. I used a cotton batting and one old fabric with red hearts as a backing. The cotton batting makes this quilt a bit heavier than the polyester ones are but it has lovely feeling and I could use something warmer for snuggling in winter time. I had light grey bias tape at home and I think it neatly finishes the edges.

I had a hard time hiding the quilt from my boys before taking photos. Both of them asked it just for them and I have a feeling I need to make the second one too. I guess I'm going to order some more of those cotton Christmas fabrics so I can sew something as beautiful as this again.

For the quilt I used these fabrics in different colors:

Christmas Polycotton Fabric

Woven Cotton Fabric

Woven Cotton Fabric

Snowflake cotton fabric

I can't wait for Christmas!

Kadri @kadri_kivistik

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Kadri Kivistik said:

If you wash your fabrics before sewing, you shouldn't have any problems with shrinking afterwards :) I've always washed all my fabrics first :) · 4th Nov 2019 09:26am

Therese Woodier said:

This is Lovely! I see you mixed polycotton and pure cotton fabrics, I'm always worried they'll shrink differently etc so try to just use 1 type. Did you have any issues with this, or should I just go ahead and mix my materials? · 30th Oct 2019 07:24pm