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Water Repellent Faux Suede Jacket

Who doesn’t love beautiful fabrics? I personally love fabrics that have a nice structure, like suede. Such fabrics keep being interesting to look at, because the way they look always changes with movement and different lighting. That’s why I had to work with this Faux Suede Fabric! The fabric is available in so many colours that there must be at least one to your liking. And did I mention it is WATER REPELLENT?! So perfect for a fall jacket in which you don't even need to fear any rain!

So that's what I made. For this jacket I used pattern 26 from Bernina Inspiration magazine vol. 69. It is a nice pattern for a tailored faux leather jacket. The pattern features some expressive revers and an attached standing collar. I minimised the latter because such collars are not really for me. Then I moved the shoulder seams of the front panels a little upwards, to add a little length to the neckline that I missed after lowering the collar. To get the right fit I had to do some more small alterations. I slimmed the sleeves a little, because they were just a little voluminous despite the sleeve darts. Finally, I lengthened the whole garment about 2 cm, just because I felt it looked better, cause now this jacket hides my muffin shape top.

Although this fabric was ironable (on a low temperature!), leather always tends to bulge at the seams. That’s why I topstitched almost all seams, except for the hems. I like the look of a good topstitching, and on thicker fabric it makes the seams look so much more sophisticated.

On the hems I used another method. There I folded and ironed the seam allowance, but instead of hand or topstitching, I glued it in place. This saved me a lot of hand stitching time, while still giving a clean finish on the outside! This is a nice trick you can always use for hemming pleather. Because it is firm and mostly non-stretch, the glue won’t affect the fabrics properties.

After all, the hardest thing about sewing this jacket was picking the right thread colour (OK, maybe after adjusting the collar). When shopping for thread I took a scrap with me to the market, but they only had slightly different shades available. If you ever get into such situation and you're not sure about the right thread colour: always take one shade darker than your fabric. Lighter thread will pop out more than darker thread. This you can check by laying one single thread on top of the fabric. If the thread doesn’t pop out (or does pop out if you want that!), than it’s the right one.

I love the result! The fabric feels really nice to wear, and looks even nicer. The only disadvantage is that it can be a little statically charged. But when I combine it with non-synthetic garments, this is no issue anymore. I’m curious though, how it will turn out after washing. I normally prewash my fabrics, but this fabric I want to wash as little as possible, because sometimes frequent washing decreases the water repellentness of fabrics. Hoping this one does not shrink, haha!

I hope to wear this jacket a lot! What would you make from such fabric?



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