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When Minerva Gives You Primary Colors….Break Out Your Rainbow Thread

Hi, it’s Amanda from Deriving Mommyhood to share another project. This one, a purely selfish sew.

Full disclosure, when I first saw this Robert Kaufman Speckle Jersey, it reminded me of the bottom of a crayola box. I liked, from the pictures I had seen, that it had colorful dots scattered about to make it more unique than just another gray (I love gray, I wear gray all the time, most of my house is gray….this is me branching out). But I didn’t expect the dots to be so….primary colored. It was then that I realized I’m just totally biased. Everyone I showed it to loved it. I looked in my closet, not one primary color in there. I decided to suck it up, and branch out.

So when Minerva gives you primary colors….break out your rainbow thread. Or something like that.

I had planned already that I was going to make a comfy loungewear set for myself from the fabric and stayed the course. I used the Bellevue top from New Horizons, this is the longsleeve shirt length version. I used the rainbow thread on the sleeve hem with a reverse coverstitch.

My daughter watched as I was sewing and didn’t realize that was possible so I believe I’ll be adding rainbow stitching to everything she wears now.

I also went ahead and added some heat transfer vinyl (free cut file from New Horizons) because I have a new heat press and look for places to use it ;)

The fabric did great with the heat press and ironing, no issues there thankfully. Really needed no special care to sew with it.

To go with my perfect lounge top, I made some casual joggers. I went with the Carita Joggers from New Horizons as they are my absolute favorite thing to wear. Plus, they sew up very quickly thanks to a yoga waistband. I added grommets and a drawstring and used more reverse coverstitch rainbows to make the pockets. I used some bottle green jersey from my stash for the cuffs and waistband.

Moment of truth, when I tried it on to check how it fit….I was in love. It is such a cozy outfit that I didn’t take it off.

The jersey itself is not the softest I’ve worked with, and it isn’t as stretchy as others as well. And maybe curls a tiny bit more than some other jerseys too, but nowhere near as much as something like a crushed velvet. Those are the worst. But an absolutely perfect weight, not too light that it would be difficult to deal with or see through, thick enough for the joggers without being too thick for the drapey off shoulder top.

I think I’m a convert. Maybe I should not be so scared of primary colors in the future. I love that it is subtle, can barely tell there are any dots honestly unless you’re close to it. So I’m glad I braved it after all, now I have a new Mom-i-form!

Thanks for reading!

Amanda @derivingmommyhood

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