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Why I Loved Using GOLD Cork Fabric make this Boho Clutch!

Are you looking to sew a fabric this Summer that I promise you haven’t sewn before? Yes, then you must read this post...

Let me introduce you to gold shimmer Cork Fabric and it’s pretty special. The fabric is made with natural cork on a fabric backing with a gold fleck that sparkles. Here’s why I love it...

It’s Soft To Handle

Because the backing is a fine gauge with a linen feel, this means that the fabric is soft and easy to cut, sew and make with. On this blog post, I am going to see how my sewing machine can take the fabric and make a one on trend clutch bag for your Summer holidays.

It Sews Up To Four Layers On Your Machine

The first thing I wanted to do was to see how my sewing machine would sew the fabric and how to iron it. I pinned the fabric with quilting pins and decided to make a simple tote bag as a test. I firstly pinned the fabric with quilting pins as dressmaking pins were too small to puncture the cork. I then stitched the inside of the fabric with a 100 Ball Point Needle and this was the outcome...

I then turned my bag the right way out and tried to press it. I used a pressing cloth on the bag and it pressed just like a heavy weight cotton. I was being to like my new found fabric a lot!

I then looked at how many thickness of cork fabric my sewing machine would handle (it’s only a domestic machine), I tested this on making the handles for the bag. I needed four thickness of cork fabric stitched together with a top stitching thread. I firstly pressed the handles as I couldn’t tack/baste them together to form the shape as it was too much for pins to puncture the four thickness of cork. The stitching was perfect and my feed dogs took the fabric normally. Plus the gold didn’t shed all over my machine, now that would have been a mess to clear up. Phew! A gold fabric that didn’t shed sparkle to clear up, a bonus!

You Can Glue It!

My oversized holiday bag was taking shape, so I stitched on the handles and top stitched the top of the bag. I’m going to admit that I am a picky seamstress and I wasn’t totally happy with the stitching of my handles to the bag due to working the fabric around the machine arm. The fabric has some drape but not enough to fold it get my sewing machine arm around the fabric. I decided to take the selvage of the fabric and stitch that over the handle bases at the sides to form a contrast. I’m really happy with this look.

You Can Hand Stitch It!

To finish off my handles I hand stitched with a tapestry needle to secure the threads. The needle stitched perfectly and gave a really tidy finish.

And here is my final oversize tote bag which it so comfy to wear and the gold just makes it so Summer 2017.

After I had tested the fabric out on my tote bag, I had only used half the fabric. I was hooked on making something else now I knew what my fabric and my machine could do! So I made a cute tassel clutch to add to my cork bag collection.

Here is my step by step tutorial to make yours in a Crafternoon...

Firstly cut out your fabric 50x 27cm

Iron it with a towel or pressing cloth to remove these fold lines.

Fold your clutch to the side you want, you may prefer a deeper pocket and smaller front fabric, it is up to you!

Take a dinner plate and trace a curve to the front of your bag. Cut out.

Your bag should look like this, then pin down the sides of the bag.

Sew along the side seams on the outside. I choose a black thread but choose any that sums up you!

Your bag is now ready to sew, you just need to finish the ends off with a tapestry needle.

Fold your bag in half and mark off where the middle is and mark with a soft pencil.

You are ready to make your tassel. Take a piece of cork fabric 50cm x 12cm and mark off every .75cm along the fabric or however wide you want your tassels to be.

Then cut your tassels to 1cm of the top of the fabric.

Cut off a piece of the selvedge of your fabric 6 x 2cm and stitch down the sides and across the bottom to form a loop.

Place the loop at the top far end of the tassel and you are ready to roll!. Run your UHU glue along the top of the tassel. Then roll your tassel along regularly to you reach the end.

Press your tassel at the top and then glue another piece of selvedge around the top to finish off your tassel.

Stitch your tassel to the bag in on the pencil mark.

I used a tapestry needle and stranded cotton used as the 6 strands to make it super thick!

Stitch over and over a few times around the tassel and secure on the inside of the bag.

And your bag is ready for you to enjoy Summer!

I have really enjoyed making these projects. I think the cork would also look amazing painted with Fabric Paints or cut into with a design. That maybe next weekend’s plan!

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Thanks for reading,

Samantha x

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