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Wide Leg Pants from Peppermint x In The Folds

Finding a pants sewing pattern that actually fits properly without a lot of effort is really challenging! Well, guess what! I may have found the best pants sewing pattern yet! The best part?? It is a free pattern! Never understimate a free sewing pattern because *spoiler alert* especially this one is a win.
Wide leg pants or sailor pants are very famous this season! Even if I couldn't see myself in them, it turned out that I really like their shape on me. I feel like they bring a breeze of fresh air along with their playful and stylish vibe. Wide Leg Pants have a fitted waistband that flatters the waist while the pants legs get wider and stop just before the ankles to create a unique style. There are two back darts that give beautiful shape. Finally, the pants fastens with a zipper and a button at the front of it.
Two out of five (2/5) is the sewing difficulty of the sewing pattern according to the designer.
The pattern asks for 2 meters of a medium to heavy bottom weight fabric such as cotton twill, linen, corduroy or denim. 
When I asked Vicki from Minerva crafts to try their Klona Cotton Fabric, I hadn't decided if I was going to make the wide leg pant or the Lilou dress by Tilly and the Buttons 's first book Love at First Stitch. As soon as the fabric arrived, it was clear enough for me that this was going to be turned into pants. The fabric had the perfect weight to be turned into a bottom weight garment. It reminds me of a lighter weight canvas fabric. I chose the colour Lotus and I asked for 2 meters of it. I love how beautifully the colour of the fabric changes a little bit depending on the lighting; from lilac to purple or pink.
I didn't have any issues working with it as it was really easy to be sewn as all the cottons. A thing that I will like to mention is that after wearing them, my pants streched out a bit but after washing they get their shape back.
There are a lot to share here. I made quite a lot of mistakes BUT the pants turned out totally wearable and they are one of my favourite makes! I made size D. The only alteration I planned to do was to take 0,5cm of each side in order to get a better fit.
My mistakes:
- It is more than clear to everyone that I put the waistband wrong way. I messed up the waistband pieces..Aggrrhh!! I sew and rip out my stiches quite a few times at this part!
- The zipper. I put it about 2 cm higher than I supposed to put it. The result? There is a little gap at the zipper which shows up when I sit down. Because of that the pants are slightly tight when I put them on and off. It is not a big deal though.
- The darts at the back don't feel right to me. I'm not sure about that but it feels like the darts are not at the right direction. 
The bright side:
- I LOOOOOVE the fit of my wide leg pants!
- They have a beautiful and fresh design which I love.
- It is a a free pattern.
- The pattern has a nice step by step illustrated instructions which are very helpful.
Final Thoughts
My new Wide Leg Pants is win for me! I really like how they fit and their shape on me. The mistakes I made was totally my fault but the lesson is learned! I really enjoyed making them even if I did a few mistakes and I plan to make more of these soon. I think that in canvas or corduroy would look amazing! 
If you are looking for a similar sewing pattern to this, you should try the Persephone Sailor Pants by Anna Allen Clothing! This one is next on my sewing list! Both of them have a similar design but I find that Wide leg pants have slightly widder legs than Persephone's. 
Sewing Summary
Size: D
Fabric: Klona Cotton Fabric, 7,99 pounds fer metter.
Alterations: I took 0,5cm from each side seam.
Total Cost: The fabric was provided to me by Minerva Crafts for reviewing/testing purposes. The sewing pattern is a free pattern and you can find it here. The threads, the zipper and the button was bought by me.
Make Another One: I would love to make another one using a canvas  or a corduroy fabric this time. I really enjoyed making it.
Feel free to follow me on instagram @argkalant. My blog is the Happy Sewing Blog and there you can find my sewing makes and sewing pattern reviews.
Thanks for reading!
Until next time,
Happy Sewing!!
Argyro xx

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