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Winter Warmer

Seeing this Quilted Jersey Fabric inspired me to have another attempt at the Grainline Studio Linden Sweatshirt

I say try again as my first attempt was an epic failure simply due to a really poor fabric choice and then I had lost confidence in trying again.

But the quilted knit appeared....., I loved other sweatshirts on Instagram, especially loved the raglan sleeves. Here in Australia it’s deep winter and I was lacking a me made jumper of sorts. So it seemed like a perfect fit. I made a straight size 4, as that is how I measured on the sizing chart.

The first step was choosing the perfect matching ribbing for the quilted knit. I have an unusually large collection of ribbing. On a trip through the south west of Western Australia a few years ago, I picked up bags and bags of ribbing for <$50AUD and I barely have to ever buy ribbing now. The most popular colour I have is definitely Navy/Dark blue. So there was a plethora of choices - as this photo shows.

The ribbing I chose was a perfect match for the knit fabric, but I only had a very small piece, so that made my decision easy. The ribbing was only going to be used for the neckline and the top was going to have a self fabric wrist band and hem band. I wasn’t sure if the Hem Band, in particular, was going to have sufficient stretch and if it would work. With nothing to lose I gave it a go anyway.

Nerves aside, the construction was really very simple. Aside from joining the hem bands in the middle with my sewing machine, I used my overlocker to construct the entire sweatshirt. I use a bucket load of pins to keep things aligned, go really slow and make sure I keep the pins away from the blade and needles. No easy task on the wristbands that’s for sure. 

I was going to topstitch the neckband but found it actually sits well and I don’t think the shirt needs any more stitching lines. 

One tip I will give is how I mark the front and back pieces. I’ve tried various different ways over the couple of years I’ve been sewing, like writing a giant B or F on the wrong side of the fabric, but without fail the marking rubs off or becomes difficult to see. Now I run a length of contrasting thread through the back piece, somewhere near the hem (so it’s easy to find when doing fiddly neckbands etc.) and this make it so much easier to distinguish. Especially important on patterns like the Linden where the front and back pieces are very similar. This is especially important if you sew in short bursts like I do!!

I also almost forgot to share!! My other favourite secret tip is the Rajah cloth. When ironing knits that don’t want to iron flat i.e this knit fabric, the Rajah cloth is amazing and chemically sets the seam. 

It gives you that crisp clean finish you get on woven - but with a knit.

I am really happy with how this one turned out. The fabric, whilst not exceptionally thick, is warmer than it appears plus really comfortable. Next time I will size down and make a size 2 as I think this one is a touch big, especially at the neckline. In fact I’ve already started!!

Thanks for reading,

Jemma @mrsmmade

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