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Wool Crepe Palazzo Trousers

Hi everyone, Its Liz here from Liz Sews.
This week I have for you a smashing pair of palazzo trousers made from Poly Wool Crepe Suiting Fabric. The fabric is 45% wool, dyed and finished in Yorkshire, which gives it a lovely drape. The polyester content helped the pants survive a 3-hour car ride with very little wrinkles. At first, I was drawn to the Mustard colorway but common sense prevailed and I selected Brown instead. I think I’ll get a lot more wear of them this way. The fabric has that slight crimped texture indicative of crepe and a mottled coloring.
The fabric itself is fairly lightweight and effortless while still having enough body for trousers. Its perfect for this time of year when the summer heat is sill lingering but Pumpkin Spice Latte season is upon us. Luckily it also happens to be the one weekend a year that the Aspens start turning. Lining the fabric would help its versatility to last into the cooler winter months. Given I was planning to make such wide leg trousers I opted to forego the lining as I can always through a base layer on underneath if needed.
Before making the trousers, I overlocked the cut edges and threw the fabric into the washer on medium heat and let it air dry. I got very little shrinkage which was surprising to me given its fiber content. Its airy weave let the fabric dry quickly and didn’t require any pressing before cutting in. Given the fabrics propensity for resisting wrinkles I was a little apprehensive how the front pleats would turn out. Rest assured the fabric presses like a dream and holds any crease you place. I did use a silk organza pressing cloth never letting the iron touch the fabric directly. Taking the time for details like this make all the difference in the finished garment.
For these trousers I used the Vogue Pattern 9257 View D which recommends suiting, linen blends, or seersucker, however crepe suiting worked just as well!  I did have to make some pattern adjustments to fit me. I added 1” in the front crotch rise and 2” in the seat rise. I trued up the seems by slashing almost to the crotch curve and then pivoting and overlapping the pieces by 1” on the outer leg seam.  Rise is always an issue with me so if you normally don’t need to adjust it than you should be fine as is.
I also added another 3” to the overall length of the pant which allowed me to get a nice wide hem for a better hang. I appreciated the fact this “very easy” pattern included a curved waistband because straight waist bands never sit right on me.
I am very happy with how these trousers turned out and I think the fabric makes them a perfect addition to my autumn wardrobe, though I don’t think I would choose to hike in them next time!
Thanks for reading,
Elizabeth @ Liz Sews

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