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Zpagetti Yarn and 10 Top things do to with it

Zpagtti! No, I haven't forgotton how to spell or lost the concept the tasty tasty traditional Italian food stuff. Zpagetti is a great yarn from DMC that's been around for a little while, and even longer in its homemade form. T Shirt yarn is a big craze over in the States and very basically it's splicing and dicing your old clothing to make a super duper Super Chunky (or Super Bulky as it's called across the pond) yarn. Now I imagine Zpegetti was born from the same issues I'm thinking of. You're only going to be able to get so much in one shade from a garment. Even if you want a big multi coloured batch there's only so much you can make from your old wardrobe (even though I did trade in 35KG of clothing when I moved home!) Thus Zpagetti was born! By taking off cuts and scraps from the fashion industry, they're able to make MASSIVE batches of this stuff and sell them all in lovely pre-wound 1KG skeins where you know how much you get and roughly what colour you're going to get! 
Something I really love is that, due to the nature of the yarn, the shade can change from batch to batch so what you see on the screen may not be the exact shade you get! I find this really fun ha! Knitters and Crocheters will be used to this with Dye Lot matching et c. but it can be a bit of an issue when it comes to the mixes (most sellers with make sure they send all skeins from the same batch if you order more than one, don't worry!)
The thing that got me with this stuff is there seemed to be a limited amount of things you could actually make with this. A Rug? A Bag? That seemed to be it. So I set myself a mission to find new and fun stuff so make with Zpagetti, because I really love this stuff! I've found a few interesting twists on the old favorites and some fun new ideas. Without further ado, here it is! 10 things to make with Zpagetti Yarn.
1 - Rugs
I thought we'd start with a basic. I found this lovely pattern for a Spiral Rug from By Number 19 and it really is so very lovely! Constructed from 5 spirals, this pattern is 'Easy' for Beginners so a great place to start if you've never used this stuff before, and it only takes one 1 KG skein!
Another great rug example comes from the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network's very own Seamstress Erin! She crocheted up this lovely rug and even had enough left for some baskets!
Now speaking of Baskets...
2 - Baskets!
I have a thing for storage, it's a real problem. I love having nik naks, and nik naks need nik nak storage and these Crochet Nesting Baskets by Cintia at My Poppet Makes are just the ticket! Big, Chunky, and Colourful. Boom!
3 - Bags
A crocheted/knitted bag is one of those old school things that everyone seems to love right now. Even if you're not into the whole Grandparent Chic that's going around, DMC have great free patterns on their website for some really stylish bags
4 - Wine Carrier
We're getting onto slightly 'out of the box thinking' now and Tamara over at Moogly is a girl from my own heart! She's devised this DARLING Wine Carrier which is not only handy, bump proof, and saving the earth from the evil that is the plastic bag, but if you're not too sure what to buy someone then this is that excellent personal touch to buying a bottle of wine! Being super quick to whip it's a great last minute gift, too! Spiffing!
5 - Ottomans and Floor Cushions
Nothing takes you back to your youth like sitting on the floor! I still do it often and even I have to admit it can get uncomfortable if someone has laminate flooring. Enter the Ottoman! Perfect for resting your feet on or for kicking over to the youngest member of the family in the room to sit on because all the proper chairs are occupied and Grandparents and extended family! If you're looking for a lightly less structured version a big ol' floor cushion is perfect. Kicking back on one of these is a great way to spend the evening in the den. Head over to the DMC Website (again) for either of these great makes.
6 - Blankets
Arm knitting is slowly becoming one of the biggest things in yarn hobbies since Acrylic yarns! The quickest way to make anything ever, really, and it sounds so fun! Using two strands of Zpagetti at the same time you twist and weave the strands into a wonderfully cuddly throw or blanket! The gauge would be lovely and wide, trapping all the air and making it supper toasty, but being cotton it would be great to sit on in the summer months. Yarnspirations has a great how-to to get you started. Jen from Pink When has a lovely pattern for a DIY Arm Knitting Blanket. She uses 3 skeins, but I think that would be too heavy with the Zpagetti so I'd probably try just two.
Now don't feel left out crocheters! Yarnspirations also has a video on how to ARM-CROCHET!
7 - Shawls
FINALLY! A clothing pattern for Zpagetti! I've been hunting for nearly a year to find something like this. Staying with the Arm Knitting theme, Laura of Creating Laura has his divine wide gauge Triplet Shawl that's she's made up using multiple aran weight yarns, but I think a lovely Zpagetti Mix would work wonders!
8 - Toys!
Now I was completely blind to this concept until I started researching my Amigurumi post (which you have all of course read) and whilst on the Hoooked website I stumbled across their Amigurimi XL page. O. My. DAYS! I was in heaven. I was squeeing around the office like a mad woman. These things are adorable! SO Maxigurimi is a thing and Zpagetti is perfect for it. Check out some of these gems!
I could go on but I shan't. I'm sure their cuteness is 100% apparent by now!
9 - Lampshades
Now you don't need to be able to knit or crochet for these bad boys! I stumbled across this in a book leant to me by my partner's mum and I've hunted out out an online tute for you all courtesy of Heidi at HoneyBear Lane. This DIY Shabby Chic lampshade is so simple, it's silly! Simply weave your yarn around an old wire lamp shade to completely revamp it, keeping it loose enough for some light to come though and create a lovely atmosphere; ooooooo.
Now with all these lovely things you've made, you're going to need a way to decorate them. Last but by no means least...
Of course flowers. The staple in every crafter's arsenal. Back to the DMC Free Patterns page for this bad boy, to create a lovely spray of flowers to decorate anything and everything! Another great one for the Zpagetti Mix skeins me thinks!
So that's my top ten things to do with Zpagetti. If you have anymore, get in touch! If we get enough you could be featured in a Part 2. Who knows?!
Be sure to share your makes! 
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Keep crafting!
Katie B xo

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