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Q&A with Abigail from Freckled Fashionista

Hi there crafters!

I have another Q&A for you to read here on the blog today from a very special lady! Meet Abigail, a 12 (yes 12!) year old sewist - that's definitely a record breaker for our youngest ever featured sewer here on the blog!

So without further ado, please meet Abigail...

Can you tell us a little bit about you and your blog?

Hi, I'm Abigail! I'm a 12 year old sewer, and my blog, the freckledfashionista, is about my adventures in sewing and crafting, as well as life in general.

When did you start crafting and what inspired you to start? What was your first project?

I started crafting when I was nine years old. I was interested in fashion at first, but it led to wanting to be able to sew. I received a sewing machine and mannequin for my birthday, and it began there.

The first thing that I made was a dress, but I made it out of less than a yard of fabric, with no idea how to sew, and somehow I sewed down the middle. The first official thing that I could wear was a white dress with purple flowers. My mother helped me sew it, and we used a pattern, so it worked a lot better.

What do you love most about crafting?

I love being able to look in my closet and think, Oh, I'd like to have another skirt or dress and then I can pick out fabric and a pattern and make something that I can wear. I can fill the gaps in my wardrobe and gain sewing experience at the same time. It's nice to be able to tell people, “I made this.” They're always so surprised. Also, it's not like you can see anything like it in the store. It's unique.

Do your friends or family craft along with you?

My mother and grandmother know how to sew, but I must admit, I do it more than them. I try to get my friends to sew, but they just aren't interested, and most don't have the time.

Who do you make things for?

Typically, myself. Or my family members, sometimes. It's just easier, because I know my size and my personal style, but I hope to make them some things! I make little gifts, though, like zippered pouches or bunting flags. I love sharing those with people.

What made you decide to start to blog about your crafting?

At first, when I started my blog two years ago, I wanted to start it for fun. Now, my blog is to share what I make with the world. I follow over 70 bloggers (I'm not kidding) and they all give me so much inspiration. I want to share that inspiration that I feel when I read their blog with the world.

Do you have a favourite snack when crafting?

I like to sew after I get schoolwork done, so normally I make a big snack plate: apples and peanut butter, cheese, crackers, grapes, the works. I try to eat it within breaks, though, so that I don't get it on the fabric!

What 3 sewing or craft items/tools could you not live without?

My zipper foot, my iron and my seam gauge. I sew a lot of zippered pouches, so I love my zipper foot, even though it comes with every sewing machine. My iron is really useful for pressing fabric, and I think it gives things a more professional store bought look. My seam gauge is helpful for hems and such, because I am so bad at eye-balling hems.

What are your favorite fabrics to sew with any why?

I really enjoy sewing with flannel fabric. There's nothing better than comfy, soft, warm fabric. I love the cute prints that lots of flannel fabrics have.

What is your favorite product on the Minerva Crafts website and what would you make with it?

I love Minerva Craft's spandex/knit fabric. I would make myself some yoga pants, or workout pants.

How many projects do you have on the go at one time?

Normally only one. I try to limit myself and stick to one project until I finish it. To save fabric, when I'm making something, I buy the fabric as I need it, instead of keeping a large stash. I find that that helps me not to waste fabric.

Whats your favorite thing you have ever made?

Probably my One Hour Top. The pattern is by Fancy Tiger Crafts, and I used Art Gallery Fabric. Honestly, it's the most comfortable top I've ever made, and I wear it all the time. It was super easy to make.

What is your latest WIP (Work in progress)? Do you have a photo?

Currently, I'm working on Christmas gifts. I like to start early. I would share a picture but that would give away the surprise, as my family is probably reading this!

Do you watch TV or listen to music while you craft?

Actually, I do! I get really bored sewing without anything to listen to, so I like watching things while I sew. There's a small table in the back of our living room, and there is a fireplace, so I like watching I Love Lucy or other short shows, while I sew. It's a really enjoyable experience. I don't make it a habit, though.

What/who do you go to for inspiration before you start crafting?

The blogs I follow. Every morning, I check my feed and read through all of the craft blogs that I've found over the years. Each blogger has a different style of sewing, or crafting, and they share patterns, and tips, so I always get ideas. Pinterest is another good website for little sewing ideas.

Do you have a crafty tip you would like to share?

Enjoy it. Don't ever think that you have to sew to make this or that, instead think that you want to sew. It makes it more enjoyable.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

The best way to gain popularity is to comment on other blogs. Follow as many blogs as you can (I have a list of my favorites up on my blog) and just leave a nice comment. It makes a difference. Whenever someone leaves a nice comment on my blog, I always feel very happy, and I try to follow them back. Also, never stop blogging. Always post, and someone will stumble upon it.

Could you sum yourself up as a crafter in 3 words?

Organized, Spunky, and Creative.

Thank you!

Thanks so much for that fantastic Q&A Abigail, I've loved delving into your crafting world! I hope you enjoyed reading at home and of course don't forget to hop on over to Abigail's blog to see more!

Bye for now

Vicki x

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