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Q&A with Anna from Ompele Oma Onnesi

Can you tell us a little bit about you and your blog?

Hi! My name is Anna and I live in Finland. My blog is called Ompele Oma Onnesi which means ”Sew your own happiness”. I am also active in Instagram where I am ompeleomaonnesi.

I have always been a creative person and loved crafts, music, art and writing. I also love pretty dresses, which is why I spend most of my free time these days sewing.

When did you start sewing and what inspired you to start?

I started sewing already as a little girl. When I was seventeen, I made my own ball gown for my high school ball. That project was kind of a game changer for me. After all that boning and 4.5 meters of hand stitched hem I felt there was nothing I couldn’t sew. Then when I graduated from university, I realized how difficult it was to find any RTW business clothes that would be my style. That is when I decided that one day I want to be able to make all my clothes.

What do you love most about sewing?

I love the whole process! The most magical thing, however, is to start the day with three meters of ordinary looking flat fabric and end the day with a gorgeous me made dress. To be able to create something that makes me smile every time I wear it… It is amazing! Also, I am a big fan of hand sewing. Somehow I find it extremely relaxing.

What made you decide to start to blog about your sewing?

Since I have always loved writing and sewing, I realized that I should actually write more about sewing. That’s why I started my website. I have a career in communications, which means that I get to write a lot at work as well. I think writing about something that I am passionate about in my free time helps me to calm my mind after a hectic work day. Also, I just want to chat about sewing and often there is no-one who would really like to listen to my sewing stories for hours and hours. My blog is always interested :)

What other crafts you are interested in?

I love all kind of crafts. But recently I’ve started to knit more. I would like to be able to also make all my knitwear some day. It took me four months to knit a beautiful vintage inspired jumper, but it was worth it.

Do your friends or family craft sew with you?

Usually I sew alone. It is my me-time. However, occasionally me and my lovely cousin have a sewing day and spend a whole day just sewing and chatting. It is great!

Who do you make things for?

I sew mainly just for me but try to squeeze in a little bit of selfless sewing every now and then. I have made couple of really cute dresses for my little niece, for example.

Do you have a favourite snack when crafting?

Chocolate! Although it is a very bad habit. Chocolate and delicate fabrics don’t go well together. And of course I drink more tea than I probably should. I even have an especially pretty thermal mug dedicated just to keeping my tea warm while I am sewing.

What 3 sewing or craft items/tools could you not live without?

My amazing scissor collection (that is actually more than just one item…), my beloved sewing machine and lots of pins. I think it is all about good basics when it comes to sewing tools.

What are your favourite fabrics to sew with any why?

I love Cotton Fabric. One can create such timeless dresses with cotton. Also, cotton is easy to work with and nice to wear at any weather. I am also a big fan of Rayon Fabric which makes beautiful and chic blouses.

Whats your favourite thing you have ever made?

If I had to pick one - which is incredibly hard - I would say it is my maid of honor dress I made to wear at my cousin’s wedding some years ago. It was a winter wedding and I was so happy how I managed to combine lovely satin and delicate lace to create a beautiful winter dress.

What is your favourite product on the Minerva Crafts website and what would you make with it?

Since I first saw this Silk-Rayon Blend Fabric I have known that it would make the most beautiful vintage inspired dressing gown.

I would also like to mention a beautiful floral Viscose Fabric which I recently used to make a Sew Over It Anderson blouse. It has the most amazing drape.

How many projects do you have on the go at one time?

I try to limit my projects to one or two. If I start a third project, it is very likely that one of the two first ones will end up to my UFO drawer.

Do you watch TV or listen to music while you sew?

Yes. I love music and it is my number one sewing entertainment. Sewing days give me a great opportunity to listen to long operas and musicals. Lately I have also listened to audio books. Although I have to pause them when using my noisy overlocker.

What/who do you go to for inspiration before you start sewing?

Mainly Instagram and blogs. There is an amazing social sewing community in Instagram. I love how much encouragement and inspiration one can find there.

Do you have a sewing tip you would like to share?

My number one tip is to believe in yourself. It is so easy to think that something is too hard. But you just need to take your time and believe in your own skills. And my second tip is to pay attention to pattern placing. It can make all the difference.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Just write about what you love most. Also, stay focused and be ready to put some effort to your blog posts. But the most important thing is just to enjoy the process.

What are your sewing ambitions?

I dream that one day I have only me-made clothes in my wardrobe. My goal is that there is no sewing project too difficult or boring. I want to be able to create everything I can imagine.

What kind of impact does sewing have on your life/you?

Sewing has given me more confidence. It also helps me to relax and have fun. When I am sewing I can be as creative as I like and concentrate only on beautiful things. Sewing makes me happy!

What would you say to anyone looking to start a new craft?

Sewing is the best hobby I could imagine. In today’s hectic world it feels so good to slow down and concentrate on creating something. Be it sewing or knitting or paper crafts, just start it. There is no requirements. Anyone can start creating. And once you start, you never know what kind of magical moments you will experience.

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