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Q&A with Kelly of KayCeecreates Craft Blog

Hi Guys,
I recently met Kelly from KayCeecreates and her lovely blog! I asked Kelly if she would be interested in doing a Q&A for our readers, she said yes and so here we go!'
Can you tell us a little bit about you and your blog?
I’m 24 & I’ve been blogging now for just 3 months & loving it. I’m all about the 1950s pin up vintage style &I love to blog about this as well as all of my creative projects.
When did you start crafting and what inspired you to start? What was your first project?
I’ve always liked crafting but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started taking it seriously – particularly when I moved in to my first home with my other half – I wanted to kit out our home for as little & as unique as possible. My first project was a distressed TV cabinet. 
What do you love most about crafting?
I having the time to myself, I find it really therapeutic & I really love doing it! 
Who do you make things for?
I have made several pieces of upcycled bespoke jewelry for friends but at the moment most of my projects are for my home. 
What made you decide to start to blog about your crafting?
It was the main idea for my blog really; I wanted to do something besides just focusing on makeup & fashion. 
What 3 sewing or craft items/tools could you not live without? 
It’s really funny this question should come up as I have this featured on my website as my “creative essentials” 1. A Good Selection of Buttons  2. Hot Glue Gun  3.A Good Set Of Pliers 
How many projects do you have on the go at one time?
It really depends, but no more than one what I call big project & then a couple of mini ones ie, upcycling jars or bunting. 
Whats your favourite thing you have ever made?
At the moment it would be my upcycled end table – made from an old 1950's suitcase.
What is your latest WIP (Work in progress)? Do you have a photo?
My current project is coffee which I’m making from wooded crates & pallets – nearly finished! Just need to make the bottom & add the wheels! 
Do you watch TV or listen to music while you craft?
I love anything old school, Jazz, funk/Soul or Motown. I also love current stuff too, Alt J are one of my all-time faves along with Paloma Faith. 
Do you have a crafty tip you would like to share?
If it’s getting too much, too fiddly or “just not going right” put it down step back & have a cuppa & come back to it afterward! 
Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
Just be yourself! It sounds so cliché but no one does “you” better than you! & also remember to take time out for yourself as well, blogging/YouTube has to my surprise really consumed my life (which I love) but it’s easy to forget you’re a human sometimes.
Thanks so much for that Kelly. If you would like to find out more about Kelly and watch her future projects evolve, be sure to hop over to her blog to find out more.
Until next time,
Vicki x

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