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Q&A with Nicky from SewandSnip Sewing Blog

Hi everyone,

We have a lovely Q&A feature for you here on the blog today. Please meet Nicky...

Can you tell us a little bit about you and your blog?

Hi my name is Nicky and I write a blog called Sewandsnip; sew from my favourite craft & snip from my day job, a hairdresser. My blog is mainly a sewing diary, helping me to remember what I found worked & what didn't, but I do tend to add snippets of other bits too!

When did you start crafting and what inspired you to start?

I've always been creative (drawing, painting, making) and remember stating to sew in my teens. Then as I had a family this hobby grew as I made my girls dresses as well as things for myself & our home. Once my children grew up the sewing did slow down for a while but it was kick-started again when the 1st series of The Sewing Bee reminded me what I was missing.

What was your first project? What is your favourite craft?

Sewing has to be my favourite craft & the first thing I remember making was an awful A-line cotton nightie that we had to make at school! I remember thinking I could make something better so bought some fabric & a blouse pattern, which I still have, & taught myself.

What do you love most about crafting?

The thing I love most about crating it having the opportunity to express yourself and produce something unique.

Do your friends or family craft along with you?

No I tend to craft on my own unless someone asks me to help the make something. I find sewing is a great way of relaxing & I enjoy the solitude of my sewing room especially when I've been at work chatting to clients all day. If I want to be social & craft then that's when the knitting comes out.

Who do you make things for?

I mainly make for myself but do the occasional piece for my grandchildren & have just made my husband a tunic style shirt copying one of his old favourites (pictured below). There will be some sewing for my daughter’s wedding next year but that's still in the secret planning stage!

What made you decide to start to blog about your crafting?

I decide to blog because I thought it was a great way of recording what I had done; the great makes, the not so great, the mistakes & the ideas. I also thought it would be a way to encourage myself to make sure I made time for sewing & to make different things so I would have something new to write about. I was lucky that I saw the Simplicity's Bloggers Challenge not long after I had set it up so this inspired me to try and figure out what I was doing. It was very satisfying to work out how set up the page, add links & pics but it's still on the basic side so hopefully I'll improve at it. I'm not sure I ever thought anyone else would read it but so chuffed that they do. I hope it will encourage anyone to try something new.

Do you have a favourite snack when crafting?

My favourite snack would have to be a big slice of cake & a cup of tea.

What 3 sewing or craft items/tools could you not live without?

Sharp scissors, loop turner & notepad (I'm always making notes when I have ideas so I don't forget)

What are your favourite fabrics to sew with any why?

I don't really have a favourite fabric but I like something that has a bit of weight, I find soft floaty fabrics a challenge but am determined to keep practicing with them. I’m currently looking at some stretch cotton sateen to add to my fabric pile.

How many projects do you have on the go at one time?

I always have a pile of things to sew but I don't allow myself to cut the next thing out until I've finished my WIP because I know in my eagerness to do the new make I'll push the other to one side & forget about it. Knitting is another matter & a while back I found a half finished jumper that was for my son. It looks like for about a three year old...he's now 23!

Whats your favourite thing you have ever made?

My favourite has to be a boned Victorian style corset. I love the structure of it with its steel boning, coutil cloth & back lacing. It gives such a lovely hourglass shape.

What is your latest WIP (Work in progress)? Do you have a photo?

The next fabric on my table is a lovely bold floral fabric. I'm trying to add colour to my wardrobe this year & loved this as soon as I saw it. Unfortunately I delayed buying it a little too long & there wasn't much left when I went to get it but it's just enough for a skirt so I plan to make it in time for the Simplicity Bloggers Meet-up.

Do you watch TV or listen to music while you craft?

I do put TV on while I sew if there is something I want to see but usually find that I get engrossed in what I'm doing & don't actually know what happened.

What/who do you go to for inspiration before you start crafting?

I find inspiration everywhere. It can be something I've seen, read, or a conversation I've had. I've usually got so many ideas jotted down that I don't actually go looking for inspiration but if I need an outfit & don't know what to make I usually look at fabrics first then go through my pile of patterns.

Do you have a crafty tip you would like to share?

My tip would be to take your time. I was terrible at rushing things because I wanted to wear the finished result but I'm making myself slow down as rushing causes mistakes & I hate having to unpick things & redo.

Do you follow other blogs? If so which blogs?

I dip into different blogs when links pop up on Twitter rather than follow lots, but I do follow, &

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Just be yourself, write about what you enjoy so it doesn't become a task & give it a go, if I can do it anyone can!

Could you sum yourself up as a crafter in 3 words?

Enthusiastic, experimental, determined.

Back to me! Wow that corset was impressive wasn't it! Thanks very much for that Nicky. Be sure to pop on over to her blog to see more!

Bye for now,



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