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Q&A with Victoria of Very Blissful

Hello Crafters!
We've got someone pretty special to introduce today. Victoria from Very Blissful is soon to be one of the gang over at the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network! So before we see her fist make, let's learn a little bit about her...
Can you tell us a little bit about you and your blog?
My name is Victoria and I’m a 20-something gal from Pennsylvania where I live with my husband, Josh and our dog, Brinkley. I blog over at Very Blissful. It’s my place where I share my handmade makes, from sewing to papercrafts to home DIYs (and everything in between). I’ve been blogging for as long as I can remember, but this is the first blog that I’ve consistently kept up with.
When did you start crafting and what inspired you to start? What was your first project?
I can’t even remember when I started crafting it’s been so long! If I really think about it, I was probably in high school when I first started scrapbooking with my mom. She’s the one who got me into everything I love. She taught me how to sew, knit and be creative--she’s definitely a huge inspiration in my life!
What is your favourite craft?
That is such a hard question because I have a LOT of crafts I love, but I would have to say it’s a tie between sewing and cardmaking. I love sewing my own clothes because it allows me to be creative and still stay on trend (and on budget). Card making gives me the ability to make other people smile. I love to make cards for coworkers, family and friends, and I’m always find new ideas to create something that stands out.
What do you love most about crafting?
You can do anything with crafting, and you can do it yourself. I often times find myself in a department store thinking “why spend $$$ on this cardigan/card/scarf when I can make it?” That kind of thinking opens up a world of possibilities for me!
Do your friends or family craft along with you?
Yes! My mom and I love to spend time creating cards when we are together. We also both love to knit/crochet, and if we are sitting with our family watching a movie we usually have a project in hand, too.
Who do you make things for?
Selfishly I sew a lot for myself, but I’ve made it my goal to start making things (other than cards) for other people. I have a couple projects and ideas to create something for my husband in the next few months.
What made you decide to start to blog about your crafting?
I stumbled upon the sewing blogosphere randomly one day back in 2012, and I’ve really never looked back. After reading a lot of what other sewists were sharing about the craft I decided that I wanted an outlet to do the same, too. My ultimate motivation is just to inspire others to know that they can create anything they want. Anyone can be a crafter!
Do you have a favourite snack when crafting?
I don’t really snack while I’m sewing or crafting, but I always have water or tea on hand.
What 3 sewing or craft items/tools could you not live without?
My Gingher shears for cutting fabric, my iron and my iPad. I sew a lot of PDF patterns, and I keep all of the instructions on Google Drive and read them from my tablet.
What are your favourite fabrics to sew with any why?
Knits are my ultimate favorite! I didn’t start out sewing with them though--there used to be such a stigma about sewing with knits. But they are so quick, so forgiving and I just can’t stop!
How many projects do you have on the go at one time?
I try to sew one thing at a time. I do have about 4-5 unfinished projects that just need finishings that I sometimes leave for later if I want to get on to something else. As far as cards go, I make anywhere from one to 10+ at a time. Additionally, I have a lot of knit and crochet projects going on at once.
Whats your favourite thing you have ever made?
This is a hard one, but I’d have to say my first Out and About Dress by Sew Caroline. It was the project that made me fall in love with sewing knits, and I still wear it over two years later!
What is your latest WIP (Work in progress)? Do you have a photo?
I’m working on some awesome projects for my Minerva posts...I don’t want to spoil the surprise!
Do you watch TV or listen to music while you craft?
Yes. I usually put Netflix on, but the shows/movies vary. Usually I’ll watch Home/DIY shows or an old classic movie while I sew. Nothing too serious that I have to pay attention to!
What/who do you go to for inspiration before you start crafting?
I’m always on my Bloglovin feed and Pinterest for inspiration prior to crafting. I love seeing what other people create and then taking that to create something made by me.
Do you have a crafty tip you would like to share?
Make a mess and clean it up whenever it starts to bother you! How can you create without chaos?
Do you follow other blogs? If so which blogs?
I follow a lot of other blogs. You can click here to check out my Bloglovin profile with the blogs I follow!
Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
Don’t worry about how much you post. Quality vs. quantity is always better in my mind!
Could you sum yourself up as a crafter in 3 words?
Nonstop, Innovative, Passionate
Thanks Victoria for sharing your story. Her first post goes live Tuesday 20th October so be sure to check her out! If you can't wait that long, you can get your fill over at Very Blissful. I've already been over, a perfect read! Also, my heart is pining for Brinkley!
Speak soon gang
Katie B x

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