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Best of Burda - Our TOP picks from the Burda Sale

The sun is beaming over us here at Minerva HQ, and with Vicki jetting off to the Americas on her honeymoon next week we're all inspired to jump into some summer sewing! As if we needed more of an excuse, Burda are having a sale so here's our top picks!
Starting as we mean to go on, Burda 6756 is a brilliant twist on a classic. A lovely summer dress in either a shift style or a bias-cut flared skirt, both with fantastic paneled detailing. Suggested fabrics are Cottons, Lightweight wools and Crepe fabrics so this pattern could take you from summer right through to Autumn/Winter! For this, I can see our Linen Look Cotton for a fantastic range of colours or a Cotton Poplin if you fancy mixing up some prints. Just £2.93 in the sale.
Another fantastic dress in the sale is Burda 7056. Now this dress isn't for the faint of heart, it's striking simplicity makes the wearer the focus with this stunning high neck-line. Choose from an above the knee sixties vibe, for full floor length elegance. Work in a standing collar and/or feather trim for a truly outstanding piece. Fabulous,no? This pattern is also "Super Easy" so it would be a great dive into fashion sewing. With suggested fabrics such as Linen or Cotton fabrics, you could try out a Stretch Cotton Sateen for a lovely polished look. Another great point, it's only £2.93 in the sale. Boom!
Now I couldn't do a Burda Sale run down and not mentioned these bad boys! Burda 6856 is the mother of all trouser patterns featuring a well fitted pair of wide flare trousers, or a pair of tapered , high rise trousers with a wide waistband trousers and braces. BRACES! How could you not instantly fall in love with these. With recommended fabrics including Lightweight WoolsDenim and Gaberdine, I'd try a Gaberchino for a great wearable fabric in an awesome range of colours! Another £2.93 star pattern!
Next in line for the Burda Fashion Parade is Burda 6813. A fantastic pair of male fit jackets with a triple or single button option. Linen and Cotton fabrics make a 'suggested fabrics' appearance once again, along with Gaberdine/Gaberchino. Bright colours are all the rage right now, so why not experiment with our 54" wide Blades Cotton & Linen Blend Plain Dress Fabric. IF you're not feeling that brave, try the subtle detail of our Beige & Silver Lurex Stripe Linen/Viscose Blend Clearance Dress Fabric. One more £2.93 trailblazer.
Another fab jacket pattern is Burda 6872. More fitted that 6813, these jackets sport either a trio or duo of buttons, and fully endorse the use of Elbow Patches  (as do I). Recommended fabrics include VelvetWool and Corduroy, though I'm very tempted by our Green/Blue Tartan Suiting for some Topman inspired action. If you are thinking of going down the velvet route, or using this pattern in general, be sure to head over to our blogger network and read a great post by Curtis (of Pudleston Patchwork fame) on his Sleek Olive Green Jacket. Once again, just £2.93 in the sale.
With a snappy jacket, you will of course need an equally snappy shirt and Burda 6874 delivers! Three different views from formal, through work, to casual, you can choose your collar and your pockets, and whether or not to add a rather jazzy concealed button feature and/or contrast collar and cuffs. Another win at £2.93
Burda 6871 is my Gent's Cut fashion star pattern. Featuring a wonderful slim-fit three piece suit, comprised of a double button Jacket, high rise 5 button waistcoat, and tapered trousers this is a winner of a pattern. Not happy with being simply brilliant, this pattern also throws into the mix a single breasted frock coat! Designed for Lightweight Wools or Velvets,so a Wool/Wool Blend Suiting fabric would be perfect for this pattern. Why not go slightly off piste with this Deep Green Polyester Wool Blend Suiting Fabric. Pattern just £3.98 whilst the sale is on.
So that's the grown ups all suited and booted, but what about the tiny people? Sticking with the suit theme, Burda 9990 is a real charmer! A lovely high button waistcoat to be teamed with either trousers, long shorts or above the knee shorts, these would be an absolute gem at summer weddings! We're thinking linensGaberdine/Gaberchino, even a lightweight wool is recommended. Our Viscose & Linen Blend Dress Fabric Khaki would be perfect, I think. Another star at £2.93
Now it wouldn't be a summer party without dresses blowing in the wind and Burda 9465 is a gem of a pattern. Adorable puff sleeves, short bodice and a choice of knee length or floor length skirts, the floor length having a lovely high low extended peplum! This pattern is so versatile, you can use CottonCrepe, Batiste or Taffeta! Now my love for Taffeta is well known around Minerva HQ, and our new range of Plain Shot Taffeta at just £2.99 is screaming out to me right now, but I'd love to see this in one of our delicate Embroidered Border Cotton Clearance Dress Fabrics. It would work for either length, and the fine nature of the lawn would be perfect for these gorgeous summer days! Pattern now just £2.93!
Now you can't have a summer pattern rundown for children without including the next garment. Burda 9464 is for the ultimate Children's fashion staple...the humble Dungeree! Featuring three lengths you can choose from Shorts, Knee length shorts or Capri length overalls for a durable fashion fix. Denim is an obvious choice for this pattern, and we have a fair few to keep you going! But why not branch out to a lovely stretch cotton or a linen?
Now I'll admit the next choice is a little out of season, but for £2.93 I'm sure we can put this in the stash for later in the year because it's so flipping ADORABLE! Burda 9421 is a simply darling collection of baby sleeping bags, one plain, one teddy bear and one bunny rabbit. TEDDY! BUNNY!! I mean come on people, how can we resist! Make up super cuddly ones in FleeceFlannel/Wincyette, Teddy, and Terry Velours or go for a lovely cool Cotton (I think our Quilting Cottons would be perfect!) Tres Adorbs.
Slightly back on topic is Burda 9802. A wonderfully cheap and cheerful pattern (now even cheaper at £1.98!) Featuring Two dresses, (buttoned at the back) with matching panties and cute little ruffle on the bum! So cute! As one would expect, Cottons are the go-to fabric for this pattern so let your imagination run wild with possibilities!
On to accessories! Burda don't just do fun and fashionable clothing, but fun and fashionable homewares and Burda 6827 delivers! 'Novelty' animal cushion (novelty translates as 'everyday' in my eyes) that will add joy to any room they're placed in! Choose from a pug dog, a fox, an owl owl, or an adorable raccoon! The pattern is 'super easy', too, so a great intro project for young and old learning to sew, especially as recommended fabrics are cottons! and at £2.93 it won't break the bank,
Once again I#ve been suckered in my a bag pattern. Burda 6962 offers a lovely selection of handbags (one of which look a little Michael Kors-esk) and with the recommended fabrics being Cotton and Faux Leather (or even Suede!), you can make a lovely cotton practice bag, then rock up a lovely little leather number! Simply lovely at £2.93
Now my Pattern of Patterns is a real head turner for me. With so many different looks included it's suited to almost everyone! With Burda 6869 you can choose from knee length or floor length skirt, short or long sleeves. Now that in itself makes a fairly well rounded pattern, but throw in a detachable peplum over skirt (short and long peplum option of course) AND the long skirt is an AMAZING fishtail/mermaid that flows out of the main skirt. It. Is. Divine! Being designed for stretch fabrics only, such as Jersey or Stretch Satin, this dress would be SUPER comfortable and a Scuba Jersey would work perfectly. Utilising the panels, you could work in a contrasting colour or panel. If you're working in the overlay, you can also pick up Stretch Lace Fabrics!
So that's my run down on this sale. I've already scanned through and bought my deals, but it seems I may need to make a return trip! The sale is only on for a limited time so get your deals quick!
See you soon, and remember to share your makes with us! You may make it onto the blog :D
Katie B xo

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