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The Minerva Swatch Club!

Hey Guys!
Well May-June was a super busy time for us all here at Minerva HQ. Whilst all the wedding preperation was going on for our very own Royal Couple, our warehouse team were frantically cutting and preparing all the Swatch Club sample packs so distribute throughout June. We started wondering about how many people actually know that we operate this so I thought why not do a quick run down for you all! So here we go!
The Swatch Club is a subscription to receive 4 packs of samples throughout the year, one in March, June, September and December. Each pack contains at least 30 samples of the top picks of what we have up and coming that season. Pretty nifty, right?! 
You can choose to receive packs containing Fabrics or Yarns, in Mixed or Neutral Colours. All for £18! If you want to receive both Mixed and Neutrals you don't have to pay for 2 whole subscriptions, either. just £30 will get you the full Fabric or Yarn picks!
What about the all rounders like many of us here at HQ? Many of us knit/crochet as well as sew here. Well, never fear! For just £30 you can receive the Full Mixed or Neutrals selections, so that's the 32 mixed fabric swatches and the 30 mixed yarn swatches OR the 32 neutral fabric swatches and the 30 neutral yarn swatches. 
We even have the perfect package for those of you who really can't decide. For just £50 you can receive all four packs! Both Fabrics Mixed and Neutral and Yarn Mixed and Neutral. That's £22 saved!
All the fabrics/yarns chosen will be brand new or some of our most popular all year rounders, so you'll be getting the best chance to get these lovely lovely wares! We always see increased sales of the items included in the swatch packs each pack month, some are clearance, too, so we have limited stock of certain items. Once they're gone they're gone!
Now if you want even MORE of a saving (we're too good to you, aren't we ;D), the Swatch Club is FREE when you sign up to the Craft Club! For just £20 you receive 10% off ALL orders (online, in store and over the phone), a minimum of 12 exclusive discounts throughout the year (often up to 30% off or more!), 2 V.I.P. days in the year where your discount is doubled to 20% off your orders! All this AND one free swatch club subscription worth £18. 
So there we go! It really is a nifty little system and something to look forward to landing on your doorstop 4 times a year. For anyone who loves to buy fabric and yarn online, it's just too good to miss!
Speak to you all soon!
Katie B xo

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