I'm officially into my third trimester, so my maternity sewing is starting to slow down and I'm starting to think about what I'll wear post-partum. BUT I was so excited to discover that Minerva had a really great selection of maternity patterns available on their website, and when I was choosing my January kit I knew I had to utilize one. I set my sights on Simplicity 1360 and did not look back. I'm pretty happy with the result!
I used a thick black stretch jersey that is really lovely to sew with. I think since it is a little heavier it makes the front panels hang lower, but I also thing they're longer to grow as my belly grows. I think I'll end up shortening this dress in the front...it makes me feel a little too matronly!
This fabric would also make some great leggings or a lovely cardigan. The options are endless! I'm excited to throw this in my bag for a couple of upcoming trips--the fabric has lovely recovery and really doesn't wrinkle too much. Another reason to love working with knits!
I sewed up a size 12 after reading on another blog to maybe size down a bit even based on measurements (the only gripe I have with the Big 4), and I'm really glad I did. I followed the pattern instructions almost exactly, but here are the three things I did end up changing after making a quick muslin with some stash jersey:
  • To me, the center seam up the two back pieces was really unnecessary and just added an extra bulky seam. To make it feel less chunky I simply cut the back pattern piece on the fold and proceeded per the instructions. 
  • When sewing with knits I almost always sew my sleeves flat and then sew up the sides for a more cohesive seam line. That's what I did with this dress and it turned out perfectly.
  • brought the center neckline up by about 2 inches because I really didn't want my girls popping out at work!
Sewing this dress was a breeze for the most part. As you might guess, the twisted front part was a little tricky, and I had to walk away and come back to it at least once. If you're pregnant and you decide to make this up, remember that if you take it slow and don't think too much you shouldn't have any problems.
Another fun part of this make was getting to use my new coverstitch machine! My wonderful, wonderful husband surprised me with a Janome 900CPX for Christmas because he knew how much I loved sewing with knits but hated the results I was getting with hemming methods with my regular machine. He spoils me. I'm currently still learning how to get the best coverstitch, but I can already tell it will be worth more than he knows--I love it!
This dress definitely shows off my belly, which I don't mind at all since I'm pregnant! However, I'm interested to see what it will look like on me post baby. I was hoping I could pull it off for work after my maternity leave, but the way the fabric in the front lays I'm not sure that will happen. 
What would you make with some of the lovely jersey I used (there are many more colors than just black!)? Have you ever sewn maternity wear for yourself?