Tis the season lovely makers which for me means LOADS of crafting, lots of sparkle and lots of luscious fabrics! 

This 1920s headpiece is ideal for Christmas parties or vintage nights out. I love making headpieces like these because everyone is unique. I always follow a simple recipe of creating a base (from felt fabric) and then building embellishments on top until I love what I see – this particular headpiece uses rolled satin roses, Suffolk puffs and a very simple gathered flower. Because of the floral theme I also added two felt leaves as a final extra detail. I hope you like it!

You will need:

Felt – black, white and grey

2 metres of Black 10mm wide Satin ribbon

Assorted White Glass beads

Black liquid Satin Fabric

Silver Thread

Black net fabric

Diamante Buttons (optional extra)

Make your base

I used grey felt for the base – I cut out a shape a bit like a jelly bean or rounded teardrop which would follow the curve of my head. You can always trim down later so I tend to start larger just in case.

Suffolk Puffs

I’ve given the Suffolk puff a bit of a makeover by using net and adding these stunning diamante buttons as a centrepiece, with a few glass beads added for extra sparkle in the light! 

To make your own:

Cut out a circle of net.

Using running stitch, sew all the way round the edge of the circle and then pull your thread to gather the edges tightly. Flatten out the puff and sew your beads or buttons in the centre. The net works really well for this because the layers and folds are visible making the flower shape more interesting.

Rolled Rose

This satin adds a gorgeous sheen to these simple roses.

Cut out a long thin strip of fabric and anchor your thread at the end. Now roll your fabric a few times and stitch through the centre to secure. Fold the loose end of ribbon towards you at a 45 degree angle and roll your flower again, following the change of direction. 

Stitch to secure and repeat – slowly this will create layers of petals which you can adjust as you go to make the bud wider or tighter – just make sure you keep securing with stitches.

The satin fabric did fray which I like for this design because it gave the final flower a gorgeous organic feel (even more so in my gathered flower below) but you could easily sew a tube of satin, press, and then work with this instead to give neat clean lines. Or alternatively you could use wide satin ribbon.

Gathered Flower

Cut a length of satin about 20cm long. Sew running stitch along one side (if you have a ‘good’ edge then use the other to sew along). Pull your thread to gather and add a couple of stitches to join the two ends to create a circle. Add beads in the centre to decorate.

To Finish:

Arrange these embellishments onto your felt base, trim if needed and sew into place. This is the point when I decided to cut out two simple felt leaves and add these just behind my flowers. Finally measure your ribbon to fit around your head with plenty of room for tying and stitch this along the back of your felt. Voila! 

I can’t wait to wear this for the festive workshops I have coming up in December – head over to www.crafternooncabaretclub.com for more info!

Happy crafting

Hannah x