Hello, there! Time for May's Minerva project. This time we're having a foray into 1976, and the world of jumpsuits! A while ago I noticed a giveaway on the lovely Stacey Stitch's blog, where she was giving away this pattern:
It was love at first sight, so I was really happy when I won it. With a few meters of black polycotton gaberdine from Minerva, a black zip, and a tiny bit of interfacing, I created this jumpsuit:
I made a few adjustments, such as adding pockets. The original was all one piece with a seam at the center front and back, but I also added as seam at the waist and some slanted pockets:
The original didn't have the elastic at the waist, but I added it to this version as I was worried it would shift around while I wore it:
The pattern's really simple, with almost no shaping except for some gathers at the shoulder:
And there's a center front zip so getting in and out is easy:
I didn't go for the tie belt - a bit too karate kid; I thought a glam gold belt (which I already had) would lend a touch of 70's disco vibe.
And finally - trouser width. These babies are HUUUGE. They measure 13"; it's going to have to be wedges and high heels with these, or else my legs will look really short.

A while ago, Clare over at Sew Dixie Lou blogged about her Ailakki jumpsuit from Named patterns (which BTW made her look scalding hawt). She finished the post with a suggestion from her husband that women like jumpsuits, while men aren't so impressed. Well, I love this jumpsuit and have been practically living in it since I finished it, and several people, men included, have commented on it positively. The debate rages on!

See you soon...