Hello everyone, We’re finally approaching summer, which means we have a perfect excuse to sew as many cotton summer dresses as possible. Or should I say as many as we want considering the amount of time we can dedicate to it. 
Today’s project is all about summer: from the vintage dress pattern to the bright, floral print. I must say that when it comes to summer dresses I usually prefer something that covers the shoulders because in my case it’s the number one place that gets sunburnt after long walks. 
But I simply couldn’t resist when I saw this beautiful Butterick Sewing Pattern 5603 (Vintage Style Fitted Flare Dresses). It’s such an authentic 50s style design! It has a defined waist, a skirt that forms a beautiful shape, a proper vintage waist and neckline bands, as well as very cute bows. And the best thing is – it’s such an easy pattern to work with! 
It does have clear instructions, but it’s not the main thing that makes it nice and easy. It’s the design itself. I didn’t change the pattern much. I decided to relocate the zipper to the back which is my personal preference (I like to step into my dresses) and shortened the skirt a bit. I always adjust my vintage dresses length. Even though I’m totally in love with a very authentic 50s style, that’s my usual added modern twist to them. 
As for the lining, it’s not a fully lined dress, you only need to line the bodice part. I’d say that the dress won’t be any worse without it! You can easily skip it since the neckline has a band anyway, you’ll only need to finish your armholes with, for example, some bias tape. 
I highly recommend this pattern for a quick project that’s not complicated, but still looks really lovely and not casual at all. If you want the pattern’s design to stand out a bit more I’d recommend using a Solid Fabric with no print. This way you’ll be able to see the bands and bows much better. 
Not that it makes prints any less appropriate for such a cute pattern. As for the fabric, it’s a gorgeous Floral Print Liberty Cotton Poplin Dress Fabric Bright Pink. As soon as I saw it on sale I realized – that will be the one for my Butterick dress. It’s very feminine, beautiful and colorful. Basically, it’s perfect for a vintage summer project. The quality is gorgeous too. It’s easy to work with it and it cuts beautifully. And it’s Liberty, so it’s impossible not to wish to sew something out of it. Unfortunately Minerva have now sold out of this fabric, but they have some other gorgeous Liberty Fabrics to choose from. 
I love unique “unrecognizable” prints, but even though this one is quite popular amongst sewists all over the world, I still absolutely adore it. I think this particular fabric is the perfect choice for dresses. I’m really happy with how this project turned out. It’s very vintage and perfect for the summer. It can be worn during the day, but it wouldn’t be unappropriated for an evening occasion.
Thanks Minerva!