I’ve had Burda’s downloadable “Amin” pattern on my computer for a couple of years now, waiting for a fabric that I thought would work. When I saw this chevron Jersey Fabric from Robert Kaufman, I knew it would be perfect. I had some fun with the photos, and set up a minimalist, 70s style polaroid shoot to show off the strong print. (Also, it was far too cold to go outside!)
If you’ve never used a downloadable pattern before, they’re fairly straightforward to assemble. You print off all the sheets, tape them together then cut the pieces out. The only thing is, often the sewing instructions are sparse in comparison to shop-bought patterns. The reason I persist is that there are loads of great menswear patterns available online, so they’re worth a look, but bear in mind that the quality of the step-by-step instructions is a bit of a roulette.
I think this pattern is intended for heavier, cable-knit type fabrics, but it works well in medium jersey too. Depending on your fabric choice, this could be a cosy fire-side jumper or a lightweight jacket.
It was a fairly quick make—most of it I sewed directly with the overlocker. Things slowed at the last step, when I came to insert the zipper. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve sewn a zipper into jersey before. It’s shifty. The first half went in fine, then I sewed up the other side and when I closed the jacket, the chevrons were mismatched, but not even equally mismatched—the tops matched and the middle did not. So I had to unpick and start again, taking care to match the chevrons every few inches, easing and stretching as necessary.
I had to resize the metal zipper, but I’ve done this a lot recently, and with a pair of long-nose pliers it only takes a few minutes. I cut too severely at the top of the zipper tape so had to do some hand-sewing to tidy up the ends.
Once in a while, it’s worth going bold! I seem to be having an orange phase at the moment, so the tangerine chevrons in this leave me very happy. This is a bit of a statement piece, and I see myself using it as a springtime jacket rather than hiding it away under layers.
I’m getting a little glittery next month, and busting out the motifs, too.
Until then, happy sewing!