I love a dressing gown. As soon as I get home from work I change into one so that I can relax and feel super comfortable.
When I was choosing my fabric for June I wanted a light weight robe as the one that I wear most of the time is made from sweatshirt fabric which can be a little heavy in the summer months.
I decided that I wanted a little bit of luxury and opted for the most beautiful Lady McElroy Silk Fabric in a colourful and bold floral print.
The fabric is so soft and drapes so well, I pre-washed the fabric by machine on the delicate setting and it turned out just fine, but of course washing machines will vary so if any doubt wash by hand.
I’ve found that working with silk is not as difficult as you think, the most tricky part is the cutting out.
If you follow the method below you will cut out the silk with ease, no slipping out of shape and no jagged edges.
  • Lay a sheet pf pattern paper on your cutting table.
  • Lay the silk on top as a single layer (not folded in half).
  • Lay the pattern pieces onto the silk, remembering to flip the pattern pieces for right and left side.
  • Pin through all layers (the paper, the silk and the pattern).
  • Now cut through all layers.
You will be cutting through paper with your beloved dressmaking scissors, but it makes life so much easier.
The pattern that I have used is the Named Clothing Lhaja robe, it's super simple so it's a great starting project if you're new to sewing silk.
I decided to replace the overlocked seams with French seams which is super simple to do, follow the guidelines below, this is based on a half inch seam allowance.
  • Place the fabric wrong side to wrong side and stitch a 1/4” seam
  • Trim the seam to half its width and press.
  • Place the fabric right side to right side closing the raw edge of the seam that you just sewed and press.
  • Still working with the fabric right side to right side, stitch again at 1/4”.
  • Give it a final press.
You can follow the same principal for any size seam, you just need to ensure that your 2 seams total the intended seam of the pattern e.g. if its a 5/8” seam, sew the first seam at 3/8”, then the second seam at 1/4” which totals the 5/8.
This gown is so nice to wear, I love how it floats about when you walk, it feels so luxurious.
I did sew a belt out of the silk fabric, but it also looks lovely with a contrast belt.
I also love how versatile it is. It can be worn over a slip, over pj’s or even with day wear over the top of jeans and a cami.
I’ve worn it every day since I made it and think that I may have spoilt myself a little as I now want everything made in silk.
If you want to see how lovely the fabric is, and how it literally floats about, you can view it in my YouTube video here.
Thanks for reading and happy sewing.