This Fabulous Fabric together with this amazing and very wearable dress pattern makes the most perfect summer dress which is just right for summer afternoons. Holidays and anything else you can think of. I just love it.
You need to wash and press your fabric before you start as it could shrink during the first wash and you would be totally gutted. This fabric is pure 100% linen, breathable, of a medium weight and actually creases little during wear. It is also a dream to sew. What more could you ask for?
The pattern has beautifully clear instructions which I advise you to read through before starting. Whilst you do not need to be an expert sewer to make this you do need experience in using different patterns and a good basic knowledge of how a garment is put together. The pattern says that it is suitable for intermediate level sewers and I would agree with that. 
The pattern comes in sizes from UK 0 through to 20 which is great news. However they are all printed into the one sheet of tissue and it gets a bit complicated at some pattern intersections. I marked the size I wanted with a coloured pen to make it a bit easier.
There is quite a lot of preparation before you get down to actual sewing.
One of the steps is to take up the neck ease which allows the neckline to lie flat and not gape. This really does work and I will use this method again.
Once the neckline has been pulled in with a gathering stitch, the gathers are shrunk away leaving a slightly reduced inside edge which is then reinforced with iron on  interfacing.
The next step is again clearly explained, and that is to stay stitch the back neckline at  at both the top and bottom of the yoke. This is important as it stops the neckline from pulling out of shape.
The top of the yoke is then interfaced.
The next preparation steps are to make the belt and to make the pleat in the centre back.
The instructions are very clear so follow them methodically step by step and you won't go wrong.
The back yoke is stitched to the back of the dress. Press the seams upwards ,there is no need to neaten the edge as a facing will cover the seams.
The belt has been attached to the front, there are two parts and they need to be angled downwards.
Next make and attach the pockets. Then stitch the garment together following the instructions and add the facings.
I finished my seams on my overlocker and suggest that if you do not have one that you use the overlocker foot which comes with most ordinary sewing machines these days. Failing that seriously consider French seams ,or even a narrow zig zag. Linen does fray and this is where I totally disagree with the pattern instructions which tell you that pinking the seams is acceptable. It's not. Pinking will never stop fabric from fraying especially in the wash, so do something other than that and besides we want our garments to look good on the inside too don't we.
The sleeve cuffs are easy to instal, then it's just the hem.  I finished mine by overlocking the bottom of the dress, turning it up by 5/8" and then working a machine made invisible hem. You could too stitch the hem if you prefer.
This is a fairly quick make, all the time is spent in doing the preparation.
Give it a final press, wear, enjoy!
This is a really fabulous dress which will suit most people, there is a longer version, a shorter version and a top so there is something for everyone.
Will I make this again? Definately. Without hesitation.
Thank you to Minerva for this stunning designer fabric. 

Best wishesAngela