Hi everyone! I’m back to the MCBN this month with the perfect make for autumn: a pair of loose-fitting, comfortable trousers in the most beautiful color!

After spending the entire summer melting in 40 degrees and wearing nothing but dresses and shorts, I was very much looking forward to the weather cooling down. And as a matter of fact, the minute September came, the temperature dropped, and I found myself looking for the trousers and the cardigans in my wardrobe.

I have quite a few loose-fitting trousers that I bought years ago and really enjoyed wearing in the transitional seasons, but I wanted to make something new to spruce things up a bit! I loved the paperbag waist style last year and so I wanted to create something similar. After spending some time looking for the perfect pattern, I decided to go for the Thea Pants by Style Arc.

The Thea Pants are loose-fitting trousers with statement pockets and a very smart construction that uses the top of the pockets as belt loops for the belt that comes with the trousers. It is the first Style Arc pattern that I tried, and I’m really pleased with the result, however there are a couple of things that I want to note in case you haven’t tried their patterns either.

So, Style Arc patterns come in paper form and digital form. I got the paper pattern from Minerva but have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed when it arrived. The pattern was inserted in a transparent folder and everything was printed on a large piece of paper, including the instructions. It was printed in color, which was nice, but the instructions were very minimal. In fact, there was only one diagram that summed up all the steps that were written on the pattern. As I consider myself an experienced seamstress, I didn’t have too much trouble figuring out what I needed to do, however I think these instructions would be quite hard to understand by a beginner.

In addition, the sizing was a bit vague. I had to search on the Style Arc website to find the chart and it still wasn’t very clear. If you add the fact that the PDF pattern doesn’t include all the sizes, I think that makes things even harder for a less experienced seamstresses.

Apart from these difficulties, everything else worked fine. All the pieces matched up and I had no other issues with the Thea pants. I opted for a size 12 originally, because the finished measurements scared me a bit, but it turns out there was enough room at the waist and so I took the pants in at the side seam by an extra 2 cm.

I really liked the way the trousers were constructed. I think the pockets that also work as belt loops at the top is a genius detail and I also liked the loose fit. I struggled a bit to insert the belt through the loops and I am not sure if it was a mistake on my end or if they were drafted narrower, but after inserting it, it looks fine!

As for my fabric choice, I opted for a viscose twill, which I had used before to make an Adrianna skirt. It has a beautiful quality, it is suuuuuper soft and nice against my skin and very breathable. It sewed and pressed easily, but it also creases a lot so keep that in mind if you hate ironing clothes. Also, be aware of the pins you use, because they may create some pulls on the fabric threads if they are blunt.

Overall, I am very happy with my Thea pants. Despite having a few issues with the vague instructions, I know I am going to wear them a lot in the autumn and spring. I think I will make a couple more in a heavier fabric and maybe in darker colors to wear in the winter as well.

I hope you liked this month’s make and found my review useful.

Until the next time, happy sewing!