This pattern has been on my radar for some time. But I always gravitate to my favourite patterns and am a bit shy of trying new ones as I know what I like and what fits.

However, having seen lots of lovely versions on Instagram, I decided to take the plunge, printed off the PDF, glued it together and cut out a size 14 from the pattern. This is the Brigitte top from Tessuti Fabrics and it’s gorgeous.

Mind you, this amazing Jersey Fabric is what makes it totally gorgeous. This Art Gallery cotton jersey is a delight to work with and is so so soft with an almost brushed wrong side. I was a little anxious to use pins, worried that I may spoil it, so I used pattern weights for cutting out and then these lovely Wonder Clips for the seams.

The design of this jersey fabric is very 60’s and I love that, reminds me of my teenage years. It has the perfect amount of stretch and sews and presses extremely well.

The Brigitte pattern is fabulous. A really lovely sew with a very clever neckline finish. I haven’t sewn a jersey top in this way before but I really like the finish it gives and will use it again. Apart from shortening the length of the top by three inches, I made no other adjustments and it fits perfectly. Not too tight and not too baggy. The instructions tell you what settings you need on your overlocker which I thought was a genius addition, making sure that the seams didn’t pucker. Tessuti Fabrics really do think of everything with their pattern instructions.

As always, I like to use lots of colours on my overlocker but always make sure that the left hand needle is threaded in a matching colour to the fabric as that is the line of stitching that shows.

I am not a lover of a twin needle finish, much preferring one neat line of top stitching round the neckline, the wrists and the hem. I increased my stitch length to 4 as I think this makes for the neatest finish. It’s always important to try to match up your seam ‘junctions’. I am very careful particularly under the arms to ensure that sleeve seams and side seams meet neatly.

Art Gallery Fabric is expensive but is worth it in my opinion. This top is made from 1 metre so it’s easier to justify. It’s been washed four times now and I can confirm that it looks as good as new. So a very successful monthly make, I recommend both fabric and pattern to you.

I’m back next month with a dress. It will probably be far too cold to wear it but I’ll layer up with a cardy no doubt.

Hope September treats you well and that you can sew to your hearts content.