After the success with a standard t shirt last time using Burda Pattern 6602, I decided to explore the other type of t shirt – the raglan tee.

Alternately known also as a “baseball tee”, a raglan tee is characterized by a sleeve that extends in one piece from the collarbone down the arm. This collar to cuff sleeve creates the distinctive shoulder seam which draws the eyes below the shoulders, giving the wearer a naturally athletic physique. Most frequently, the sleeves contrast in colour to the torso of the tee.

Interestingly did you know that the raglan sleeve is named after some English chap who lost his arm during a war and his tailors made a coat with a specially adapted sleeve to give his sole remaining arm a full range of movement? And his name?.......Lord Raglan!! Lord Raglan, The First Baron Raglan! This was designed so he could also dress himself – I don’t know about you, but I am super impressed by the functional heritage of the raglan sleeve. Thank goodness it wasn’t the Earl of Sandwich though, can you imagine sewing up a “sandwich sleeve”? I digress…….moving on.

I admit I’m slightly in love with the raglan sleeve on my husband – the McCalls M7864 I sewed up for him has raglan sleeves and he looks smashing in it ?. So when I stumbled upon the Cotton Jersey Fabric I knew I had to try and make a raglan sleeve T shirt for him. He chose the emerald green and white colours. When the fabric arrived he was very surprised with how vibrant the green was – it’s a verdant sort of emerald green. Paired with the white it just pops! The quality is also excellent – soft and springy with good stretch recovery. Its also very wide which meant I was able to squeeze out a (short sleeve) tee shirt for one of little people from the leftovers. Win!

For the pattern I selected Jalie Nico (3669). I have read a lot of great things about Jalie patterns. I own 2 Jalie patterns and actually made up one of their swimsuits. The thing I really like about Jalie patterns is the incredible size range you get – they go from kids to adult. Off course this means tracing out the pattern but the sheer value is incredible.

The Nico pattern is described as a fitted men's raglan tee with short, three-quarter or long sleeve. It also comes with a straight or curved hem. Hubs opted for straight hem.

This particular pattern starts from boys age 2 – 13 years. The mens sizes range from XS (33” CHEST) – XXL (50” CHEST). I have four guys in my household that I sew for so this is fantastic.

The pattern sheet is uncluttered with each size line in different colours. The colour and print quality is excellent with strong bright colours that are easy to follow. The paper is of strong durable quality that will last me years of tracing.

The instructions are also located on the pattern sheet which is a nifty thing – the number of times I have separated the instruction booklet from the pattern sheet is just silly. The instructions are easy to follow.

I selected both sizes based on the chest measurements. The fit is perfect. The guys are happy in their “inverse” twin tops.

T shirts are simple garments to make and once you make one, well, you can easily get the bug. I have plans to make more of these raglan sleeve T shirts. It is easy to throw on, and when made of good quality fabric is versatile enough to mix and match with a wide range of looks. This pattern gives a great shape and the choice of contrast colours is only limited by your imagination.

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