I like a good layer. I like a fun print. I like an easy project. And I love, LOVE, a soft, cozy, beautiful quality wash-and-wear Art Gallery Knit Fabric. I’ve worked with this fabric once before, and it lives up to it’s reputation. Wash after wash, it looks as good as it did hot off the machine. Last time, I went for the flashiest print going, which I still love, but this time I thought I would try something more subdued, with a slight vintage feel. This Fabric print is called Mist Flora, and I think it’s delightful. The small scale floral with spots is just pretty, and I can wear it with full skirts and vintage style trousers, or over jeans and modern dresses without any qualms whatsoever. 
The pattern I used was one from my PDF stash that I’ve made before, a Seamwork Elmira, but I’ve modified it a few ways. Trust me to take a deliberately simple pattern and make it simpler, but it works better for me. I really hate hemming knits, and I find myself choosing patterns and hacks based purely on avoiding this task; to this end, I fully lined the back piece as well as the front piece (with the added benefit of making it that little bit warmer as well). The sleeves are finished with cuffs, so no worries there. I also decided to make both front pieces the same, simply extending the ties so that they can both wrap around and tie wherever I like, without any fiddly buttons or holes like you often see in wrap patterns. It’s a true ballet sweater, as simple as possible.

The reason this works so well, of course, is because this fabric has such excellent stretch and recovery. It’s a work horse. I’m entirely confident that this top will look *exactly* the same a year from now. When I started to get serious about sewing my wardrobe, it became more important to prioritise quality. It’s not worth my time to make flimsy pieces out of poor quality fabric, but neither can I spend all my time hand-washing overly precious delicates. Every wardrobe still needs good, hard-wearing staples, and you CAN make them yourself. And they needn’t be boring! Floral is practically a neutral, right? This fabric range is perfect for that balance between projects that are fun to make, but also easy to live in. And they’d be great for pretty much everything you could want in a knit - undies, kids clothes, leggings, pyjamas - you name it. I can’t even bear to part with my selvedge scraps: I’ve made them into hair ties!
I was able to sew it entirely on my overlocker (although you do not need one, strictly speaking - the last time I made this pattern was all zig zag stitch on my regular machine), which means it was quite a relaxing sew, but no less a welcome addition to my wardrobe for that. Sometimes simple is best, don’t you think? 
Thanks again for reading. See you next month! I’ve made my plans already, and it’s going to be colourful! 

Jo xx