There was rather a large storm over the weekend. Leaves and twigs blown every which way, trees torn up, branches crashing down. I didn’t realize how bad it was because I was calmly tucked up in my bedroom sewing a dress. I did notice the power flickering and it being very windy outside but that just added to the cozy fall atmosphere. And it didn’t go out and stay out thus impeding my ability to finish my dress. So I wasn’t inconvenienced.

I made another Joni dress! It’s been almost a year since I made the last one. I thought the skirt as drafted was going to be way too short for my 5’ 9” height. For my first version I lengthened it by a good 6 inches. For this variation I decided to go with the original pattern and it has worked out rather well! I’ve come to appreciate slightly shorter skirts recently and find that it is indeed possible to have shorter lengths still be flattering.

It’s unfortunate that the sparkles on this fabric can’t quite be seen in the photos. It is such a gorgeous lightweight sweater knit. The right side is ever so slightly scratchy because of the sparkles, but the inside is soft and cozy. It did want to fray more than your typical jersey fabric but that’s to be expected since it is a sweater knit and has a looser weave.

I should like to lengthen the bodice a bit more. It looks too empire-waisted for my taste. I think it works and it definitely won’t stop me from wearing this dress. But it would probably look even better if it hit at my natural waist.

While I love the twist feature on the Joni dress, I do find it a bit of a pain to put together. And it doesn’t end up as neat and polished as I would like. The raw edges keep popping out and it doesn’t stay tidy. I wish there was a way to do it that was neater. If there was, I can guarantee that I would make at least half a dozen. It comes together SO quickly! I can have one cut out and sewn up in the matter of a few hours. 

Ah, autumn is finally here. While cotton dresses are definitely my favorite garments to make, I’m looking forward to sewing up a few more jersey dresses (already have some fabric) and probably a couple cardigans or sweaters. This Joni dress is a fantastic make to start off the cold weather sewing and definitely slips right into my wardrobe! I’ll be wearing it loads with tights, boots, and cardigans this fall/winter.