Hi everyone, it's Kathy from Sew Dainty back again with my Minerva make for May. I think this may be the first skirt I have made for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network, I am very much a dress girl at heart, but this is a beauty!
So the pattern that I went for is McCalls M6706. I have been admiring this style of skirt for some time, I particularly love the fullness of the skirt and the pleats, and I think this could be the perfect pattern. Originally I wanted to go for the navy and white striped version shown in the image at the top of the pattern cover (view E), but couldn't find a wide enough striped fabric to make it work. It was only when I received the pattern and studied it further that I realised that the stripes are created by using two different fabrics cut into strips and sewed together! Not to worry, I can go for this version next time I make it. So the version that I actually made is view D, which is the image at the bottom of the pattern cover. However I love the simplicity of this version.
I was really careful to select a fabric which had a medium to heavy weight which would give a really great structure to those inverted pleats. This amazing Stretch Cotton Twill Fabric fitted the bill perfectly and whilst it has a small amount of stretch, this is not necessary but did give the waistband a comfortable fit. It couldn't have been more perfect. Also, it's navy and floral which are two big thumbs up from me!
As mentioned I chose to make the longer length version, but this still only sat on or just below the knee when I toiled it, and I really wanted this to be a longer mid calf length as I thought this would look more dramatic. So I added 2" to the length of the skirt pieces. I probably would have added more, but this was all the fabric I had would allow. I am pleased with the length however and it is much better now. Whilst we are on the subject I should mention that this skirt used only 1.5 metres of fabric, another thumbs up!
As you would expect with McCalls, the instructions are great. Step by step instructions are accompanied by black and white drawings and it was a nice easy make. The most important features of this skirt in my opinion are the dramatic pleats, there are 8 in total, and I was super careful to make sure they were neat and sharp. Normally I might possibly only baste a horizontal line of stitching across the top of the pleat to hold it in place whilst stitching the waistband on. This time to make sure they were perfect, I also added a line of basting stitches down either side of the length of the pleat too. This was certainly worth the extra time as the pleats did not slip at all and stayed exactly where I wanted them to whilst the skirt was made up. The fabric holds the pleat really well which was exactly what I needed.
The skirt is fastened using a 7" zip which is concealed within one of the side pleats, and after allowing it to hang, I overlocked the hem and turned it under by a small 1/2" before stitching to keep as much of the length as I could.
I have paired it up with a striped t-shirt as I am loving all the clashing stripes and prints that I am seeing at the moment. I also think this would be wonderful dressed down with trainers too. 
This pattern also comes with a netting petticoat  and I think this would be really great with this skirt - more drama! So would love to run one of those up some time soon too.
Thank you to Minerva for providing the supplies for this skirt project, I have really enjoyed it. Look forward to seeing you next month with a pretty dress.
Take care, Kathy x